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PROS: A nice idea. Beautiful, but skeuomorphic design. Useful in case you use several different services, so you can easily manage files.

CONS: A lot of attention was put into its design, while it gives you only basic uploading features. A bit overpriced.

Courier 1Realmac Software is a company known for several very popular Mac applications like Clear (minimalistic to-do app) and RapidWeaver (easy web site creator). We’ve actually reviewed both of these apps in the past, and you can still find those articles right here on

Today we are bringing you another application made by Realmac, and it’s called Courier. It is used to effortlessly upload media like videos, pictures and documents to a popular sharing and social media websites. It could be purchased through Mac App Store for $9.99.

One of its trademark features is its interface. Courier comes with an interestingly designed interface, which is filled with skeuomorphic elements. Some people will find it interesting and warm, while other might think that it is over-the-top. This kind of interface, which is comprised of a wooden bookshelf and colorful letters, is made to serve as a graphical representation of a simple desktop uploader. We’ll explain how this whole thing works.

Courier 3

In order to upload a bunch of photos, for example, you will need to create a new envelope. Then, according to which services you use (like Facebook, Flickr, or other) you need to drag-and-drop stamps of those services on a chosen envelope. A good thing is that you can paste several stamps, which means that you can simultaneously upload pictures to a several different web services. This will create a new envelope with stamps on a bookshelf. Then, drag-and-drop photos that you’d like to upload. Courier will allow you to enter additional information and metadata, and set-up privacy preferences for those files. Once you start uploading, Courier will take you to the Map View, where you can see a distance which your files are “traveling”. As you can see, this whole application is a symbolism of a postal service, and each step of the way is made to resemble a process of sending a letter with pictures, for example. Map View will be even more impressive if you live outside of U.S. since most popular web services are located within USA, which will make Map View show only North America.

Courier 2

Once you download Courier, you will be able to upload files to Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 storage, and FTP. If you plan on using some other service, you can visit Realmac Software page, where you can download add-ons for Dropbox, CloudApp,, and a few other services. Also, since you can paint you envelopes within Courier in all kinds of colors and different styles, you can also download additional ones from the website. This feature is simply a visual one, and doesn’t have any particular function.

A bottom line is that Courier can be helpful in case you use several different services at once, so you can upload files without much hassle. It lacks some more advanced features, which could justify its price of $10, which I believe is overpriced. What more, this application used to cost $25 when it first appeared, which was unbelievably high.


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