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PROS: Very capable organizer, which comes with many unique features.

CONS: Outdated design. A bit pricey.

DevonThink 1In today’s age, almost all information that surround you are being edited and served through internet and brought directly to your computer, mobile phone, or a tablet. If you stop and think about it for a while, you will realize that your whole life is being processed by a computer and that you keep hundreds of important files on your PC or a Mac. For example, my job is completely attached to a computer, since I write and edit articles digitally, and use internet to submit articles and for numerous other things. I am doing research thanks to it, track my banking for example, and store gigabytes of photos, videos, and other important files. And even though I am very organized person, sometimes it gets really difficult to keep track of all files, and obligations of my everyday life.

Luckily, there are numerous applications which are created to help you organize your day, and offer highly efficient planning. These applications come in different forms, and today we are bringing you DevonThink, which is quite a serious digital assistant.

DevonThink is rather popular application, which has been around for a very long time now. Even though it comes is different editions, we are going to review DevonThink Personal, which could be purchased using Mac App Store for $50.

DevonThink 2

When you open DevonThink for the first time, you’ll see a bit confusing and outdated interface. This is very powerful and serious application, so you will need to take some time and learn your way around. It is able to store almost every piece of digital information or a file, such as documents, scanned files, notes, bookmarks and links, web articles, pictures, and almost anything you can imagine. In order to organize this mess of files, you can use one of seven preloaded views, but you will probably use Smart Folders or Groups. If you look at the screenshots, they are located in the left part of a screen. There’s also Inbox that shows all your files, and you can reorganize them by tags, or even dates. In terms of organization, this application is very powerful, so it’s a shame that its interface seems so outdated and confusing.

DevonThink can be used in so many different ways. While you browse a web using Safari, you can use its extension to save articles for offline reading. DevonThink will also save its URL and Title, as well as any notes and tags. Articles will be saved in “Instagram style”, and will be easy to read. Also, this application is able to help you search and browse the web right within its window.

You can also use DevonThink as a simple word processor, which is useful for capturing ideas, or editing text using annotations or highlighting.

Once you capture and gather plenty of information, DevonThink will show its best features. You can use smart keyword finder, and intelligent classifier which will scan deeply into your files and present results according to their importance. It can automatically reorganize a library of files.



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