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PROS: Easy access to Facebook. Can upload text, media, and files (using CloudApp).

CONS: Badly designed interface. Lacks advanced features.

DropBook scr1Popularity of various social networks are on the constant rise, and it seems that during each new year, networks like Facebook and Twitter are expanding to new countries which brings them new markets and millions of new users. This is why Apple has decided to implement Twitter and Facebook into iOS and Mac OS X (10.8) as well, so you can be constantly online and to access those networks in a matter of seconds. This comes with some great advantages, but it also comes with some downsides and concerns. Even though Apple designed a beautiful and non-intrusive interface for these two networks, some people are still untruthful if this integration crosses some privacy matters. In the end, you can very easily enable/disable both of these networks in iOS and Mac OS X as well.

Today we are going to talk about an application which tried to do the same thing that Apple did, and that’s to integrate Facebook into your Mac OS X. This application is called DropBook, and is made by a German developer company i-Novation GmbH.

After you install DropBook it will be always present on your desktop though an icon in the bottom right corner. This icon is its main tool on interaction, and it comes with a certain built-in opacity so it is trying to be non-intrusive as much.

DropBook scr2

DropBook is able to post photos, links, statuses and all kinds of information, media, and data right to your Facebook account. And you can do this very easily, by dragging that piece of information or data onto DropBook’s icon (which is a previously explained Facebook icon, which sits in the bottom right corner). This way, DropBook will recognize what kind of text, media, or files are you trying to upload, and it will open up appropriate dialog box. This is where you can review photos or text, choose which album you’re uploading to, and with a click of a mouse you’ve posted it. In comparison to Apple’s dialog box, this one is poorly designed and seems like a piece of graphics from 1990s.

DropBook scr3

When you want to upload a picture, DropBook will allow you only to choose album, and you can also upload multiple photos at once. In case you upload link or text, you can choose if you’d like to post it to your profile, a group, or to some other profile page. We’ve also mentioned files upload, which is not Facebook-native feature, so it’s enabled using CloudApp and DropBook uses this kind of connection. This will require you to open CloudApp account.

Main competitor of this application is Apple’s own Facebook integration. These are two different ways of integration, where Apple’s own is system deep. DropBook is mostly used to effortlessly post things to your profile, and can be useful in such situations. Its downside is dull and old-fashioned interface design, which resembles beta-stage of development. Finally, it is hard to beat Apple’s own Facebook integration, so DropBook is trying to appeal to users who haven’t still upgraded to Mountain Lion.



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