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PROS: Nicely designed. Fully functional desktop and mobile version.

CONS: Interface should be a bit more polished and less distracting.

Email Pro 1We have recently wrote about Gmail desktop client called MailPop Pro, which brings Gmail messaging right to your desktop. This application isn’t a novelty, since more and more developers are trying to bring Gmail desktop clients that will make you give up your standard e-mail application. This proved to be a difficult task, since most of these application tend to go in the wrong direction and often have problems with interface, and more importantly, with some of their crucial features.

In order to say for a Gmail desktop client that it’s a successfully designed application, it needs to achieve several goals. These apps need to compete with much powerful applications like Apple’s Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook, but they also need to compete against Gmail’s web interface. As you can see, this is not a simple task for a developer.

In today’s review, we will be telling you about one of the latest Gmail clients that appeared on the Mac App Store, and which seems very promising at first sight. It is called Email Pro (for Gmail) and costs only $1.99, so in terms of its price, it is very competitive against similar apps.

Email Pro 2

Once you download Email Pro, initial setup is very simple. All you have to do is to enter your Gmail credentials and you are ready to go. This e-mail client is only protected by your Gmail password, and doesn’t use any complicated login protocols, which I find very positive.

Just like recently reviewed MailPop Pro, Email Pro also uses two ways to allow you to browse you e-mail. Those are mobile and desktop versions of Email Pro, which seems to be quite frequent feature these days. This is simply because it is easy for a developer to implement Gmail’s desktop and mobile interface, and that’s why most of these applications look almost exactly the same.

Desktop version of Email Pro is a pleasant surprise. You will get to use a resizable window, with a left positioned sidebar with colorful icons. Each of these icons have tooltips, which will explain how to use them and what they exactly do. Email is presented in iOS-style, which is actually Gmail’s mobile view, even though you can also use standard interface. This also means that e-mails won’t be downloaded to your computer, since you’ll be using built-in web interface to access your mail. This could make e-mail retrieval slow once in a while, which is Google’s fault.

Mobile version of Email Pro sits in the menu bar and is pretty much the same as desktop version, but it only shows mobile interface. It is actually helpful to have e-mail client running in the background, so you can always send and receive messages instantly.

Email Pro integrates into OS X’s Notification Center in order to alert you in case you’ve got unread mail. Its dock icon also shows a number of unread messages in iOS-manner, with a small red pop-up.

In overall, this is nicely designed and very useful Gmail client. Even though I think its interface could be a bit more polished and more OS X-friendly, it is certainly better looking than most existing Gmail clients.



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