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PROS: Very useful, and keeps space organized and tidy. Easy to use. Fast charging available on each of those 5 ports.

CONS: No Lightning port.

InCharge X5 1With so many iOS devices sold, it is natural to expect that many people own several of these devices in their households. In my home, we’ve got two iPhones (3GS and 5) and two iPads (3rd and 4th generation), and we somehow always battle over wall sockets at evenings since we all tend to leave our iOS devices to charge overnight. Then, I saw a solution when a friend of mine recommended something that works like an extension cable that comes with multiple ports, so we all can place our devices on one place. This was about 6 months ago, and I am using that recommendation even now. However, lately I’ve trying to find another solution, which will be more effective and a bit more advanced. That’s when I’ve found InCharge X5.

InCharge X5 supports up to five iPads, which all could simultaneously use fast charging. As you can see from the screenshots, it features interesting design, but some of its features need further explanation. You can see that there are five dock-cradle units, which all could be used with any iOS device, and they also come with five 30-pin connectors. Since this device appeared on the market right when Apple introduced Lightning port, InCharge was never upgraded to that option. There are two good reasons for this. Firstly, 30-pin connectors are still used by a larger percentage of device and secondly, you can simply add Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter in order to use it with the newest generation of products.

InCharge X5 2

Now, a few words on how this charger actually works. It comes in a dimension of 11.8 inches (length), 3.9 inches (width), and 1.5 inches (height). As you can see, it is fairly compact and can be carried around easily. It features 6 soft legs which will keep InCharge X5 in its place even if you use five iPads at the same time. In order to place a device and connect it to 30-pin connector, you’ll need to press a button on top of a support, and slide it back or forward until you have enough space for your iPad or iPhone to fit nicely. A goal is to place an iOS device onto connector, and adjust support behind it so that device sits firmly. Support is very firm, and keeps a device in place. Also, on the front side you will be able to see five LED lights, which will tell you how each of those five devices are charging. If there’s no light, there’s no charging, and if the light is amber it will charge until light goes green, which means that your iOS device is fully charged.

You won’t be able to place iPads or iPhones into X5 if that device has additional case or a skin. This means that you’ll need to remove it every time. Also, another downside is that you’ll need to use Apple’s adapter to charge the newest devices, which is added expense.

InCharge X5 is currently priced at $150.


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