Logitech’s Wireless Trackpad (T651)
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  • Logitech’s Wireless Trackpad (T651)
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PROS: Mac-friendly design. Very usable, and comfortable to use. Long battery life.

CONS: Should have implemented battery status LEDs. Problems with incidental input.

Wireless Trackpad 3I believe that Apple is perhaps the only company which pushes out products with an insane precise attention to details. This results in beautifully looking products, which are also very technologically innovative and they all work right out of the box. This is why I don’t like cases for my iPhone and iPad, since I adore their thin lines and curvature (even though I should really protect my devices). Also, I’ve used Apple’s keyboard, Magic Mouse and wireless Trackpad all this time, even though I’ve found a keyboard that replaces Apple’s own. That keyboard came from Logitech, and gave me a full power of all buttons, plus included number pad, which I really missed. Also it connects to Mac and iOS devices at the same time, without any effort. Still, I continued using Magic Mouse with some applications, and Apple’s Trackpad with my everyday web browsing, e-mail reading and similar actions.

Since I do believe that Logitech is able of creating top-of-the-line products, I’ve eager to test brand new Trackpad whose model number is T651 (T650 is Windows-friendly version). It costs $70.

As you can imagine, in order to persuade users to switch to its product, Logitech needed to make a wireless trackpad which needed to defeat Apple’s own trackpad, and that’s no easy task. Now, let’s get to it.

Wireless Trackpad 1

Logitech’s Trackpad comes with a rechargeable battery, which is novelty. You can easily charge it via USB-to-USB or Micro USB-to-USB connection. You will need approximately two hours to fully charge it, and then you can expect about 60 hours or battery life. In order to preserve battery, there’s ON/OFF switch on the side, so you can switch it off when not in use. Some of the Logitech’s keyboard are able to automatically switch off to preserve battery, in case you don’t use them for a couple of minutes, so I was surprised that their new Trackpad can’t replicate this feature. That’s why there is a physical switch.

In terms of design, I believe that Logitech did a good job. Device looks very nice and Mac-friendly, and it’s also quality made. You can notice a small LED in the top right corner which glows red in case of low battery, or green while in charge. It is a shame that it doesn’t show multiple LEDs so you can always see how much power there’s left. In order to check this, you’ll need to go to System Preferences, and use Logitech’s own software. Also, incline is a bit flatter that on Apple’s trackpad, which is due to removal of external batteries. This is not a downside, it’s simply a change.

Wireless Trackpad 2

In terms of usability, this trackpad supports all multi-touch gestures that you normally use with OS X. Also, you can customize gestures using Logitech’s software. It also supports mechanical click, which means you can physically press down on the trackpad in order to click. You can also do this same action by tapping. Finally, I need to note that Apple’s trackpad comes with a bit more smart incidental contact technology, while Logitech’s product made a bit more mistakes in this area.


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