MailPop Pro for Gmail
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Review Summary:

PROS: Built with nice idea in mind, but poor execution.

CONS: Confusing interface. Beta-like feel throughout the application.

MailPop Pro 2The Mac App Store is filled with all kinds of Gmail desktop clients. Even though you can use any standard e-mail client like Apple’s Mail or Microsoft’s Outlook, and set them up for Gmail use, these little applications aim to bring you an iOS e-mail experience. Plus, they usually cost only a few dollars, and some of them are really helpful and a real time-savers.

During that last couple of months, we have reviewed several very simple Gmail desktop clients, which usually sit in OS X’s menu bar, and they all tend to imitate iOS e-mail experience. Even their interfaces somewhat imitate Apple’s iOS Mail, which usually tends not to lead to a great overall experience. In this article we will be telling you about MailPop Pro (for Gmail), and we’ll see how this Gmail desktop client competes against its own category.

Since the competition in this app category is pretty rough, in order for a new comer to be successful, it simply needs to offer more features for the lower price, some kind of innovative feature, and of course – a beautiful design.

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