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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Could be helpful in many cases and situations.

CONS: Comes with some interesting features, but which all need a bit more polishing.

Notifi 3OS X Mountain Lion brought iOS-inspired Notification Center to desktop computers and notebooks. This was a long waited feature, which iOS users demanded for several years now. Since we all tend to use numerous applications and their services at the same time, without Notification Center it could easily get overwhelming to receive and read all those messages and alerts. OS X pretty much copied iOS version, while users hoped to get somewhat refined alert delivery system. This is the main reason why you can find numerous applications which are using OS X’s Notification Center to bring you more options and some fine-tuning as well.

Notifi is one of those small apps, which is taking advantage of OS X’s core feature. It could be purchased via Mac App Store for $1.99. This is a simple, yet visually polished notifier which simply alerts you of some changes throughout your system and shows nicely designed notification. Now, let’s dig into it and explain what kind of activity tracking and alert delivery this app is capable of.

First of all, it is able to notify you when a new volume is mounted, and it will show you when that volume is safe to be removed. For example, you can simply plug-in your USB drive and Notifi will show you a small alert with information like total and free space. It also shows “Show” button, so you can easily start Finder and browse those files.

Notifi 1

Another interesting feature is that Notifi is able to keep track of up to four volumes, and notify you once you reach a certain free-space threshold. In case you decide to postpone dealing with low space, Notifi will try to alert you over and over again, which could be very annoying. I really hope that developers will include some kind of limitation to this feature, and make it less intrusive.

Third flagship feature is Notifi’s ability to keep track of up to four folders, and alert you in case of any activity like when you add new files, modify or delete them. It works similar to Dropbox’s desktop app, which notifies you of any change in your own cloud storage. However, Notifi is much more limited, and doesn’t keep track of subfolders. It also tends to be a little buggy if you decide to add hundreds of files into one of those folders, which could easily happen if those are documents or pictures, for example.

Notifi will also keep an eye on your laptop’s battery, and alerts you if you’re running low on power. You can set-up when Notifi should alert you, so that is its main advantage over built-in OS X’s battery power notification system.

Finally, you can use Notifi to pop-up a message or a remainder at any chosen time, which could be really helpful. There are also some other time-oriented features, like daily, periodically, or hourly reminder.

Notifi could be very useful in a number of situations, but it seems like developers rushed and published this app ahead of time. It is nicely designed, but almost all of its features should be a bit more polished.

PROS: Nicely designed interface. Could be helpful in many cases and situations.

CONS: Comes with some interesting features, but which all need a bit more polishing.


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