Philips’ Hue Lightning System
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  • Philips’ Hue Lightning System
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PROS: Very innovative and interesting. Easy to set-up. iOS app comes with many interesting features.

CONS: A price of $200 for a system of three bulbs and a wireless bridge, and a price of $60 for one bulb.

Hue 1By now, you’ve probably heard Apple’s own saying “There’s an app for that”. You can hear it in just about any iPhone commercial, and it reminds us how big and alive iOS ecosystem is. This is still one of the biggest selling points, since all those brand new games with amazing graphics usually first appear on iOS App Store, or any other interesting application, for that matter. This is Apple’s long-term success, since big and stable ecosystem brings in more customers and users. On the other hand, companies with innovative products need large user base, so they turn to creating an iOS app. This said, it is clear that Android and Microsoft tablets will need a lot of work even to begin catching up with Apple.

In today’s article we are bringing you a very interesting and innovative product, which is a smart combination of software and hardware. It’s Philips’ Hue Lightning System, and you’ve probably heard about it by know.

Hue is a system of energy-efficient light bulbs which could be controlled via any iOS device. And we are not saying about ON/OFF switch, but instead you can use an iPhone to finely tune Hue’s color and brightness.

Hue 3

Hue comes with 3 light bulbs and a wireless bridge in a package, which costs $200. You can buy it only in Apple stores at the moment. You can also buy individual bulbs for $60 apiece, and you can connect 50 bulbs to one wireless bridge. This bridge is the brain of this system, and in order to function in needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi network via an Ethernet cable which connects to router. This way you can use your own Wi-Fi network to control the bulbs.

Speaking about these bulbs, they are 50-watt so don’t expect some very big brightness, but they are sufficient to light up a medium sized room. Of course, you can buy several in order to light up things even more.

Hue 4

Once you open Hue’s iOS app and start changing some settings, you’ll be amazed how this whole system works. You can easily change colors and brightness, but there are also some other interesting features. For example, you can use a photo as a reference to set up a specific color and get that specific atmosphere in your room. You can also adjust each bulb separately, and even set a timer so atmosphere changes during your day. iOS app is very intuitive and fun to use.

Still, if you turn off these bulbs using wall switch, all these settings will be nulled. Besides this, a price of Hue lightning system is still an obstacle, and I believe that only early adopters would be interested in spending $60 per one bulb. This is a luxury item, so some sacrifices still need to be made.



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