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PixelPumper 1Blogs are a great way to share some information with the world around you. You can share news, your own philosophy, a passion for all kinds of things, and so much more. What’s best is that your blog is connectable to other blogs on that same platform so you can find a lot of people with similar interests which can create productive and fulfilling exchange of ideas. But when it comes to choosing which platform to use with your blog (like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and more) things can get tricky. If you’re a Mac user, things can get even harder in the process since there is a very limited choice of quality desktop blogging solutions.

As you know, in order to create your posts, you will need an editor, and each blogging platform will provide you one which is going to be online-only. In case you’re a passionate blogger, you will surely appreciate desktop blogging solution which will allow you to fine-tune your posts locally, and then simply post them online with a click of a button. Mac App Store offers only a few interesting applications of this kind, and since there isn’t a real competition, their prices go up to $40 which is too much for a non-professional blogger. This is why I was happy to hear that a new blogging solution is coming my way to review it, and this application is called PixelPumper.

PixelPumper 2

When I first opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. On a first look, interface seems nicely designed and user friendly. A process of initial setup is very easy and intuitive, and you’ll need only a minute to enter information about your blog like its address, username and password, and PixelPumper will let you add a new posts immediately. You can also add several different blogs, and easily switch between them, which is a welcomed feature.

PixelPumper has Mac OS X-friendly interface, and is rich in grey tones and nicely shaped graphic elements. Besides pretty large toolbar on top, your workspace is divided into three parts. On the left there’s a list of posts along with a search bar. Middle part is a pane which resembles blank sheet of paper and that’s where you write and edit posts, while on the right side you can choose tags, category, and featured image. In overall, interface is beautiful, but PixelPumper has some serious downsides. The biggest one is inability to resize its window, so I guess it’s very hard (or even impossible) to use it on 11- and 13-inch screens.

Another problem is that there are no keyboard shortcuts, which is simply essential for any dedicated blogger. Also, you would expect that you can simply drag-and-drop an image into your post, but that’s not available. I also love writing in Markdown style, just like many writers, but PixelPumper didn’t include this feature as well. I’ve also had a problem that there’s no autosave feature, and it won’t even ask you to save your work when you decide to quit this application.

Bottom line is that PixelPumper is a great first step in a development of a promising blogging application. It is free, as it certainly should be (even though developers will soon start charging for it). So, at this point I would recommend this application only to those with simple and basic blogs, who don’t need any a bit more advanced features. 


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