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PROS: Massive battery. Portable and easy to carry.

CONS: It weighs more than most other external battery packs.

Enerpak Vault 2During the last couple of months, we reviewed some products which are promising to keep your iPhone’s battery alive for a very long time. We’ve all been in a situation where the battery drains, which leaves us without a phone in some important situation. The truth is that a battery will start losing its power the first time you power on a device, and its life cycle will be shorter over time. For some phones, you can simply buy additional battery and replace it, but iPhone doesn’t offer that kind of trade. Still, you can get additional battery power by using a battery case, or even better, an external battery.

External batteries proved to be helpful in many situations. You basically need to fully charge that battery, and then you can carry it around and connect to your iPhone or iPad in case you need additional charge. Principles are quite simple, and that’s why manufacturers are now trying to offer larger batteries in smaller packages, which also need to be light and pleasantly designed. We’ve reviewed some of these products right here on Macreview.com, and today we are bringing you a review of Unu Enerpak Vault ($80).

Enerpak Vault 1

Enerpak Vault comes with 11,000mAh battery, which is actually unbelievable for this price and its size. It can easily fit into an average hand, and weighs approximately 300 grams (10,5 ounces). It is a bit heavier than most external battery packs, but on the other hand, Enerpak offers amazingly large battery.

In order to charge it, you can use Micro USB port, located on one of its sides. There are also two additional USB ports, used to charge devices. One of these is 1-Amp socket, used to charge iPhone for example, and the other one is 2.1-Amp and could be used with higher capacitive batteries like the one in Retina iPad. Besides having three ports, you can also find a button on its top side which serves as power level indicator, as well as a charging switch button. There are also 4 LEDs to signal how much power there’s left.

Enerpak Vault 3

In order to get some comparison, it is important to know how large are the batteries found in iOS devices. Enerpak stores 11,000mAh. iPhone 5 features 1,440mAh, iPad with Retina display features 11,666mAh, and finally iPad mini comes with 4,440mAh. As you can see, you can fully charge iPhone 5 about four times. Older generations of iOS products can expect even better results. In order to get the fastest charging available, you can use 2.1-Amp socket with your iPhone, which should speed up charging process.

In case you’re in need of high capacitive battery for your iOS devices, Unu’s Enerpak Vault is the right choice. It comes with massive battery, and costs roughly $80. This is a good deal, considering all of its features. You can also charge non-iOS devices, as well.


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