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PROS: Nicely looking design. Firm construction.

CONS: Looks and feels cheap. Connects to your device too firmly.

White Wave 1Docks were a part of iPhone’s package ever since the original iPhone appeared. However, this changed when Lightning port was introduced, leaving everyone wonder why Apple decided not to build a dock for the beautifully designed iPhone 5. Since this technology came to market so sudden, iPhone 5 docks were nowhere to be found. During the recent months they were beginning to appear, but as it turns out, most of them had a problem with the way Lightning port connects with a plug, and the way cable needed to go through that dock. Even those serious companies failed while designing this product.

In this article, I will be reviewing interestingly looking dock which comes ready for Lightning technology. It is made by a company called Modern-Tech, while this dock is simply called White Wave docking charge station.

Wave, as you can see by looking at screenshots, got its name thanks to its shape or a silhouette which resembles sound wave, if you’re looking at its profile. While it might seem unstable only by looking at pictures, it is actually very stable and I’ve had no problems even with my iPad. Plus, this dock comes with two soft legs, which hold this whole construction very firmly in one place.

White Wave 2

Even though Wave is somewhat quality made and won’t easily break in case you drop it, it feels cheap while you hold in hand. You can clearly see that this design has some promise, but the lack of attention to details is fatal. On the other hand, it only costs $24, which is very affordable for this product category. I do believe that many Apple customers and fans of iOS devices have a clear sense of modern aesthetics, which makes design of a 3rd party accessory very important.

The bottom line is that shape is interesting and gives plenty of stability, but lack of attention to details is a problem, and that writing on the back side is very, very ugly for my taste.

White Wave 3

Now, a few words on how this dock works. As you can see, on the front side there’s Lightning connection, but Wave is powered using Micro USB cable, and you can find its port on the back, on its left side. Simply place your device and you’re ready to go. You can use it with iPhone and iPad, and since there’s plenty of space to operate, you won’t have to remove any cases or skins.

This dock repeats a mistake which now appears to be fatal for new iOS-made docks. Once you place your iPhone or iPad, it will sit there firmly, but when you decide to pull it up, things won’t go so smoothly. Actually, you will need to hold this dock while you’re pulling up your device, which is simply a hassle. This situation becomes a real trouble after a while, and it won’t get better since it just can’t loosen up. After all, this seems to be a problem in general and perhaps the reason why Apple didn’t introduce its own dock.


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