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PROS: Innovative idea, which comes at affordable price.

CONS: Still feels a little bit limited and basic.

WeMo 1About 10 years ago, a term like “home automation” was used to describe Sci-Fi-like features of automatic control of devices in your home. Of course, some early adopters could install this complicated system into their high-tech homes, which was very pricey at the time. But, as you know, technology has come a long way during the last decade. In fact, you can now control a devices in your home using your iPhone and a small device which costs only $50. We are talking about Belkin WeMo Switch, which we will review in this article.

Belkin’s WeMo Switch was first announced almost two years ago, and it took a while until an actual product appeared in stores across the world. This device is basically a switch which needs to be plugged into a wall socket, so you can plug in your lamp (for example) into it and then control it over your Wi-Fi network.

Once you’ve plugged in WeMo into a wall socket, you will need to turn it on using a small ON/OFF button, and wait until LED turns blue, which will make it accessible using Wi-Fi. Now, you will need to use Belkin’s app for iOS, which will guide you through the initial setup. You will actually need to connect WeMo with your home’s Wi-Fi router, which may sound complicated, but Belkin’s iOS app will easily explain this process and guide you through it. Once you’ve paired WeMo with your home’s Wi-Fi, you can control it from any place that has a Wi-Fi network available, or even by using a 3G network.

WeMo 2

Now, once you’ve gone through the initial setup, in order to turn ON/OFF you lamp, for example, which is plugged into WeMo, you will need to open iOS app and simply tap on ON/OFF button. Once you’ve clicked on ON button, lamp will automatically turn on, with just a very small delay.

Besides using Wi-Fi network to turn on/off appliances and devices, you can also use Belkin’s app to set up a certain rules so that light turns on at some time during a day, or that it turns off at some point during the night.

You can also purchase Belkin’s Motion sensor which pairs up with WeMo, which will give you a bit more freedom in your home automation adventure, and this will cost you $60.

WeMo really brings something new and innovative to the market, and I think that many people will at least buy one, just to give it a try. It could be nice to have an option to dim the lights, instead of turning them on/off, and some a bit more advanced features. On the other hand, this is still the first generation of this product.

WeMo costs $50 (in pair with Motion sensor – $60), so it is affordable. In case you want to fully automate a room, or a section of your house, these costs could quickly rise up.


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