Belkin’s Zero Stand
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PROS: Quality made, very strong and firm. Firm rubber coating keeps this stand in its place.

CONS: Most people will enjoy its pre-set height, but this is still individual.

H3860During a certain situations, notebooks can be a bit uncomfortable to work with. Each of us tend to use their computer a little bit differently, mostly because of a different height, structure of a hand, the way me type and use a mouse – which come in different shapes and sizes. In my case, I spend a lot of time in front of my MacBook Pro writing and preparing graphics and illustration for the web. I also own a desktop computer, but my primary work is usually done on a notebook since I enjoy its beautiful screen and all my important files are there. Considering all of this, there are some ways to make working on a notebook much more comfortable, and these can prevent or eliminate potential hand or neck pain. We’re talking about notebook stands which elevate a notebook so you can sit in a better position and have more freedom in movement while working.

We’ve reviewed several notebook stands in the past, and most of them are proven to be very helpful. Many people are not aware that this product category even exists, so articles like this one can help many.

In this article we are going to talk about the Zero Stand, made for MacBook Pro, by a well-known company Belkin. This company is known for quality and affordable products, and some of their accessories are in my essential notebook and iOS equipment.

Zero Stand A

The Zero Stand is quite simple, and I believe that its minimalistic design nicely complements MacBook’s design – with color and texture, as well as with lines and contours. It is made of strong aluminum and it can serve you for a long time. As you can see from the pictures, it doesn’t have any mechanical dynamic joints like some other notebook stands, which is its downside and upside as well. For my height and posture, this stand perfectly elevated my MacBook Pro and I believe that many people will also feel the same way. Also, this is going to be a much durable product since joints are proven to be problematic for many stands, and those are parts which first become broken under the weight of a notebook. Again, this might be individual, so I recommend trying it out before you purchase it, but most people will be happy with its height as well as with MacBook’s angle of view.

Zero Stand B

Speaking of its construction, the Zero Stand actually come in three parts. There is the bottom part, or a leg which is made of solid piece of metal. The same goes for its upper part, which holds the MacBook Pro. Both of these parts are covered with a firm rubber coating so that leg can’t move on its own, and the upper part uses rubber layer to keep your MacBook Pro from moving. These two parts are connected via very hard piece of plastic, black colored – which you can see from the pictures. This connection leaves an open space for your cables, which is a nice addition.

The Zero Stand can be purchased for $50 from the online Apple Store, as well as from the official Belkin’s website.


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