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PROS: Overhauled interface. Comes with a few new interesting features over the previous version. Packed with useful tools.

CONS: None.

CleanMyMac, a Mac cleanup tool, has received a big update, which brought this application to a complete new version. CleanMyMac 2 is a nice example of how an application needs to be upgraded in order to improve all its aspects. If you are reading this article, than you’ve probably used CleanMyMac in the past, and I’ll concentrate on writing about those new and enhanced features.

First of all, you’ll notice a huge redesign right after you open it for the first time. Previous version was already nicely designed, but you could feel that its design was made a few years ago. Since that time, Apple moved to some more sophisticated fonts and color pallets, and so did CleanMyMac 2. This version is one of the most beautiful system utilities, where each icon and graphic element is very detailed and thoughtfully designed. In comparison to older version, many icons where removed or repositioned to left side positioned sidebar which now holds all the tools. You can also use this application in OS X’s Full-Screen mode, and it is Retina display optimized.

CleanMyMac 2 2

Right when you open CleanMyMac 2, it will show you a new feature and that is Automatic Cleanup. This will do a full system scan, which is really fast, especially if your computer comes with an SSD. Once the search get done, you can review its results and tick which types of files you want to remove. It is always a good idea to carefully review results, not just with this application, so you can prevent problems related to accidental removal of important files.

CleanMyMac 2 1

Besides Automatic Cleanup, you can also find System Cleanup which is system-deep and removes user cache, language files, system logs and similar junk files. Large & Old Files is a tool used to remove files which were not accessed in a long time. iPhoto and Trash Cleanup are pretty much self-explanatory. Uninstaller is a new feature which lets you remove applications, as well as leftover files which are there because you haven’t removed an application in full. Extension Manager lets you review and remove system-wide extensions, which I believe is very useful.

In general, CleanMyMac 2 is probably one of the best Mac cleanup tools, in today’s market. It costs $18, and I believe that it’s worth that price. You can find several free and low costing applications which might replace CleanMyMac up to some point, but having all these tools on one place is priceless.



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