Collage Factory Pro
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PROS: Friendly interface. Very easy and fun to use. Comes with lots of preloaded content.

CONS: High priced. Lack of export options.

CollageFactory Pro 1When you buy a brand new Mac, it will come preloaded with all kinds of helpful applications which could be a significant investment in case you needed to pay for them, and purchase separately. One of those applications is iLife suite which comes with some creative apps, created for an average home user, which promotes Mac and OS X as a creative platform. This is why you can find hundreds of small and simple, yet very interesting applications used to create some creative projects like posters, photo effects, icons and buttons, and much more. These apps are popular mostly because they are very easy to use, and they usually costs only a few dollars.

In today’s article we will be reviewing one of those simple applications, which are created for an average home user who’s not proficient in complex tools like Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. This application is called CollageFactory Pro, and as it name says, it is used to create collages, posters, and greeting cards. It is a bit pricier then the rest of similar applications, and could be purchased for $20 right from the Mac App Store.

If you ever used one of those simple photo editors which could be purchased from the Mac App Store, than you know what kind of interface and functionality you can expect. CollageFactory Pro can be used by someone who just started interacting with graphic editors, even though it is not overly simplified. Its main strength is the amount of preloaded content, templates and clipart as well.

CollageFactory Pro 2

Once you open a new project you will be greeted by a window full of templates which are divided into two categories: collages and cards, with many sub-categories. As you can imagine, this greatly eases up the process of initial set up and gives you much needed inspiration, so you can quickly add your own photos, graphics, and texts. It is important to note that every single aspect of a template is adjustable, like backgrounds, shapes, masks, shadows, borders, and such. Some applications, which are very similar to CollageFactory Pro on a first sight, do not offer this flexibility. Overall, this application is very easy to use, and is designed for individuals who are not proficient in other drawing and layout applications. I guess it can be especially fun for kids, due to massive load of preloaded content and drag-and-drop functionality.

On the other hand, CollageFactory Pro comes with some drawbacks. Even though you get lots of preloaded content like templates and clipart, it is surprising to see that there are only a few of preloaded text styles for example. Another thing is that printing is way too much oversimplified, and it would be nice to have more options like in other layout-design applications. Finally, I have to say that I was surprised that this application costs $20. It does deliver some interesting features and great flexibility, but most of these collage-making apps do not cost more than $5-10 on the Mac App Store. After all, this is one of those apps that most of us will use only periodically, since I guess that most people don’t print out cards and collages on a daily basis.



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