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PROS: Lots of online free space. Great performance. Online encryption. CONS: None.

Cloud computing has changed the way we collaborate and exchange files. In today’s age, this is very important aspect of a teamwork, where most projects are now done digitally and you receive parts of your projects from several different people, and put them all together on your computer through a single application. I am writing this without specifying any particular job, since this process can be applied to a wide range of possible jobs like graphic design, engineering, web design, music and video projects, accounting, and much more. This is why an online cloud service could easily make all your teammates easily connected and always in sync.

We won’t talk about how online cloud services work, since you probably know all about that already. The good chances are that you’re currently using one of the popular services of this kind, like Dropbox, Drive, and SkyDrive. In case you’ve already chosen your favorite and paid a premium package, you’re surely not considering switching. For those who are interested in became a first-time users, or those who are still on a free plan at one of those services, this article can be very helpful. We are going to review a new cloud service which nicely implements into OS X and brings some very interesting features.

Copy 2

A new service, simply called Copy (you can find at, is a typical online cloud service. In general, it works the same way as any other, meaning that you’ll have Copy-authorized folder on your computer which will be synced with Copy’s server and other authorized computers as well. But what’s interesting about Copy is that you start off with a 5GB of free storage, and for every referral you will get 5GB free. You can see that you can easily create a massive online storage, which will be completely free of charge so I believe this is a very good deal.

In order to use Copy with your OS X, you’ll need to download and install its application. This app is a bit different Dropbox’s or SkyDrive’s since it doesn’t only silently implements into OS X’s Finder. Now let’s see what this app has to offer.

Copy 3

Once you start Copy’s app for the first time, you will need to sign-up or login with your credentials, and set up a location of your main syncing file. If you don’t want to sync this whole folder with Copy, you can go to Manage My Files tab and select which folders and specific files are going to be left out. In case a specific file is currently in sync, you can check to remove its local copy as well. Using the main interface of this app, you can review some interface changes, sharing features, and network options. Sharing allows you to send an invitations to your friends who will be able to access your main Copy folder end fully edit it. Network tab allows you to limit bandwidth usage of Copy, which is a nice feature that can be helpful in many situations.

At the end, I would like to note some sharing features which are specific to Copy. This app silently integrates into OS X’s Finder and once you get to Copy’s main syncing folder you’ll get some helpful options found in the Finder’s right-click menu. Once you select a file or a folder, by using this menu Copy will allow you to share it by sending or copying public link, or you can send it to your peer. You can also review its history and see what users accessed it in the past.

In general, Copy is a great new cloud service which offers you tons of free space and a nice OS X app which is perfect for a teamwork collaboration.



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