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PROS: Handmade product. Quality made, with excellent stitching. Interesting texture and material. CONS: Very usable, but I didn’t like that you can’t “close” to prevent an iPad from slipping out. A bit pricey.

Durables sleeve 1I am one of those people who don’t like iPhone/iPad cases, which are usually covering the original and beautiful aesthetics of these products. Cases also tend to make a device a little bit bulgier, except for those ultra-thin ones, but which comes with a price. Instead, I always use sleeves, both for my iPad and iPhone as well. These can protect my mobile devices while I am not using them, or during a transport, and when I need to use them I simply take them out and put back in, later on.

I guess people like using either sleeves or cases, and of course both of these offers some upsides and downsides as well. It is also a matter or aesthetics, which is individual for each of us. Well, for those who like using sleeves to protect their iPads, we are bringing today a review of Durables sleeve which is made by Dodocase.

Durables sleeve can be used with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPad. It costs $65, which is a lot more that an average price for any iPad sleeve, so I was very curious to see what this product can do for me and what the reasons for that price are.

Durables sleeve 3

It is clear that Durables offers very interesting and probably unique materials and textures, which is something that many iPad users would appreciate. On the outside, it is made of waxed canvas, and it really feels nice under the fingers, which offers unusual tactile feel. Of course, since it’s waxed, it is also water resistant so you won’t have to worry if your iPad will get wet during a rain, for example. It also means that it leaves and oily trace on your fingers, which I believe is noticeable only in the first couple of weeks. As you continue to use this sleeve, this material and its texture will lose that coating. Also, this material is susceptible to leaving white-ish traces if you scratch is with your nails, or with a key for example. Some people will like this since this creates that interesting retro-feeling, while others might not appreciate this.

As we said earlier, outside skin is made of waxed canvas and for that matter, Dodocase added an interesting and much helpful leather hand grip. Durables sleeve comes in three color combinations, and each combination bring different colors of the outside skin, bright colors of its inside, and differently colored leather grip.

Durables sleeve 2

It also important to notice that this product is hand-made, and it is very quality made. Stitching is very firm, and I believe you can be using this sleeve for a very long time. Since hand-made products are usually a bit pricier, I believe this is one of the reasons why Durables is priced at $65.

Speaking of this actual functionality, iPad slips nicely into this sleeve, even if you put on Apple’s Smart Cover. On the other hand, it is tight enough to hold your tablet firmly. The only thing I didn’t like it that there’s no button or a snap which will “close” the opened side once you put an iPad into it, so it doesn’t fall out if you grab a sleeve but its bottom side.



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