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PROS: User-friendly interface. Packed with useful features. Integration with other to-do applications.

CONS: Even though it is nicely designed, Eggscellent needs some refinements in order to remove some visual clutter.

Eggscellent  4Pomodoro Technique is a well-known time management tool, developed in the late 1980s in the USA. This technique is trying to improve your productivity by dividing a work into 25-minute intervals, which are separated by short brakes. According to its founder, Francesco Cirillo, this method allows you to be productive throughout the day, feel a sense of achievement, and it basically allows you to work more without getting exhausted as much. A trademark of this technique, as it name says, it “pomodoro” which is Italian word for tomato. It is also recognizable by tomato-shaped kitchen timer, which is used to count those 25-minute intervals.

While browsing the Mac App Store, you can find several applications which are designed to digitalize this technique, by offering you a convenient timer along with some to-do features. Some of these applications are actually very popular, and we have reviewed some of them right here on In this article we are going to talk about a new app called Eggscellent, which is actually a successor to Pomodorable app, which needed to be removed from the Mac App Store due to copyright issues. Eggscellent comes from that same developer, bringing some very popular Pomodorable features in a new package. It is still in beta version, but if you’ve used Pomodorable before, you will be happy to hear that you can download and install beta version, which is feature-rich and very stable, right from its official website.

Eggscellent  scr3

Eggscellent still sits in OS X’s menu bar, just like the rest of Pomodoro-themed apps. It brings overhauled interface, which is now somewhat brighter and which seems cleaner. Once you click on its icon it will show you a floating window with a list of tasks, so you can review them or start working on one.

Eggscellent  scr2

In order add new tasks, you simply need to click on a plus sign. The most recent tasks are on the top of the list. Once the timer finishes, a task will be marked as completed, or you can do that manually. It is also important to say that Eggscellent is very flexible and brings you a lot of useful options while creating a new tasks like setting up expected time to complete it, and adding internal or external distractions. Once you hit the Start button, located in the bottom-right corner, a new window will appear, and it will hover on your desktop showing you how much time has passed.

Eggscellent  1

One of the strongest sides of Eggscellent is its flexibility, which isn’t something that other Pomodoro-themed apps bring. After all, Eggscellent is no longer a Pomodoro app, at least not officially, so it brings some novelties while retaining that familiar timing mechanism. For example, you can automate tasks to begin counting at a certain time, and there’s an audio feedback for a timer. Finally, it integrates with other popular applications like Things, Apple’s Reminders, and Omnifocus, which I believe is a big advantage.


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