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PROS: Intuitive interface. Feature rich. Easy and fun to use.

CONS: Limited online sharing features. No printing.

Fotor 1I strongly believe that everyone needs to have a simple photo editor on their computer. With Macs, this is even easier since when you buy a new one, you’ll automatically receive a free copy of iLife suite which includes well-known iPhoto. This application, besides being a photo editor, is also a comprehensive photo management solution which also includes built-in library and organization.

For some reason, iPhoto always struggled to win over users, even though it brought almost all the needed features for an average home user, and it also works well with the rest of Apple-designed apps. On the other hand, I can understand why many people like using those simple editors found throughout the Mac App Store, which are usually free or they cost only a few dollars. These small photo editors bring all the needed basic tools to edit a photo, but they often bring some advanced (and often limited) features, typically found in high-end photography software.

Since we really like reviewing photo editors, especially new arrivals to the Mac App Store, we’re showing you today an app called Fotor, which is completely free to download and use. Fotor might be the perfect solution for many amateur photographs, so continue reading to see why.

Once you open Fotor, you’ll probably see the familiar interface which consists of editing surface, along with a sidebar filled with tools. Interface is simple enough even for a complete newbies, and it tries not be overwhelming, so you can focus on a photo you’re editing.

The Fotor’s sidebar reveals several categories which are hiding dozens of tools, and those categories are Scenes, Crops, Adjust, Effects, Borders, and Tilt-Shift. So, let’s see what these can offer.

Fotor 2

Scenes seems to be an autocorrect tool which automatically applies color changes and sometimes new effects. You’ll find more than a dozen of autocorrect tools, which are extremely easy to use.

Crops, as you can image, can crop your image in freeform, or by setting up a fixed resolution and ratio. Right below is a category called Adjust, which allows you to fine-tune every single aspect of your image, like exposure, color temperature, sharpness, brightness, and much more.

Effects, Borders, and Tilt-Shift are pretty much self-explanatory, so in case you’ve got some experience with photo editors, you surely know what to expect. Still, we’ll say that all three of those are well designed, and they bring some very helpful and effective fine-tuning, which will make every user very happy.

Fotor 3

Once you’re finished editing an image, you can save it or share it online. Saving allows you export an image in formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. Sharing features include Facebook and Twitter, and I was a bit surprised not to see Instagram, Flickr, Photobucket, or any other photo sharing service.

In general, this is an extraordinary photo editor which is packed with very effective tools and features. I do believe that many users will be perfectly happy with it, and that Fotor will become their number one choice amongst photo editors. It does have a few shortcomings, but they are not that noticeable.

Once again, Fotor is a completely free app, and could be downloaded from the Mac App Store.


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