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PROS: Interesting idea. Can be purchased with illuminated plate, which creates interesting decorative light.

CONS: Difficult installation. Unreliable locking mechanism. Overpriced.

HSquared 3Mac Mini is a great little computer, which has successfully found its way into a market. It is advertised as the most affordable Mac, and for its price you can get a good OS X powered computer. Besides its price, many people like its small size and great portability, since all you need to do to start it is to connect it to a display and a power outlet, and you’re ready to go. Even though this seems very interesting and it seems like its main upside, Mac Mini’s small size and lightness can also be a problem since it is easy for someone for steal it. In these terms, this is probably the most vulnerable computer, since almost anyone can simply detach it from its cables and place it in a bag. This is why there are some designers who tried to create a certain lock-mechanisms, which should make Mac Mini less vulnerable to theft.

Today we are going to talk about a product which is a lockable mount for Mac Mini, and it’s called H-Squared Mini Mount. It could be purchased at Apple’s Online Store for $60, as well as with any major online reseller.

H-Squared Mini Mount is designed to offer you a mount for your Mac Mini so you can easily mount it onto a wall for example, or practically any solid surface. It comes with a lock-mechanism which should prevent a computer from a theft, which is probably the main reason why people are interested in this product. Even though Mac Mini is advertised at the most affordable Mac, it is still priced from $600 so it’s natural that people would like to make it more secure.

HSquared 1

First, let’s see how you actually use this product and how to install it. H-Squared mount comes with the stencil which should ease up the alignment process. There are also supplied screws, so it’s easy to screw down the mount onto a wall for example. In most cases, you’ll want to replace supplied screws since they are plastic, and not that quality made. Attaching the Mac Mini onto this mount can be a bit of a problem. I noticed that there are many people who also experienced this problem, so I assume that there’s got be an issue with this design. With some pushing and adjusting, Mac Mini should screw into H-Squared at the end. I didn’t mention that before, but as you can imagine, this mount replaces Mac Mini’s plastic opening which needs to be removed. There are also big chances that it will stuck inside a Mac Mini, so you’ll have problems removing it without causing any damage.

HSquared 2

This product should also serve as a lock mechanism, and I guess that’s why most people are interesting in purchasing it. Because of a problems with installation, this locking mechanism isn’t doing its job. Some people will get lucky and success in installation, so I guess that lock will work for them, but with brute force someone can still completely separate a Mac Mini from this mount and steal it. So finally, I guess some people will get lucky and they will successfully install it, but most people will be disappointed with the confusing installation and weak locking mechanism.


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