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PROS: Brings something new to market. A combination of a Bluetooh speaker and an external battery. High output quality.

CONS: None.

JBL Charge 2During all those years, one of the companies which kept quality of its products is JBL. In case you ever searched for a quality speaker system, you’ve mush came across a product line of this company, which is now trying to open up to new technologies and all possibilities which iOS devices bring.

We have recently reviewed one wireless JBL speakers, named JBL Micro Wireless which is now being sold at only $60. We also made an interesting review of its older product, JBL Radial, which is a few years old but is still highly competitive in today’s market. Today we are bringing you the newest addition of JBL’s family of wireless speakers, called JBL Charge.

JBL Charge is a portable speaker which could be also used as an external battery, which is unique for this product category. This product was presented a few months ago, and the press was very interested in all the features it has to offer, and it is time to put an actual device to a test.

JBL Charge 1

JBL Charge is barrel-shaped speaker, which combines traditional JBL elements with some modern curvature and lines. Wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to design a speaker which will attract potential customers. Charge will surely catch you attention, and it will make you want to touch it. Its barrel shape make it highly portable and easy to carry around. Depending on a surface, you can place it horizontally or vertically. Its body is made of hard plastics with aluminum speaker grill, and rubber end ring, so it built for durability. And finally, it comes in three colors at the moment: grey, green, and blue.

Charge has ability of Bluetooh connection, so you can use it with your iOS devices, as well as with wide range of other mobile devices and computers as well. Pairing it very simple and straightforward, and connection is standardly good.

JBL Charge 3

As we said earlier, JBL Charge can be also used as an external battery, which will surely attract a lot of customers. You charge it via USB port from a computer, or a wall socket, and you can charge your iOS device using that same USB port, and the cable which was provided with your iPhone’s original package. This is not some small battery, but instead a massive 6000mAh Li-ion battery which could completely recharge your iPhone 5 about four times, or you can double iPad mini’s battery life. This battery is also used to power up JBL Charge, so in case you don’t recharge your iPhone, you can get astonishing 12 hours of music playback.

Speaking of output quality, it is standardly good for JBL. Charge comes with two JBL drivers, and two 5-watt amplifiers. Volume can be really loud, and bass is exceptional. For this price you can hardly find equally good output quality.

JBL Charge could be purchased for $150, and it surely is worth the price.


  1. i have a JBL Charge i bought it about an hour ago and when i test it using my nokia C-2 via bluetooth it says “service not supported by other device” i thought “The JBL Charge portable speaker streams stereo music wirelessly from any Bluetooth®-equipped device”? then why its not working in nokia C2?, now im planning to return it tommorow


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