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PROS: Quality made product. Several material combinations. Holds your iPad at every possible angle.

CONS: A bit pricey.

Joule II 2Differently from some earlier generations of iOS devices, iPads arrive without a dock in the original package. Even though you can buy Apple’s own iPad dock as a separate purchase, this leaves a lot of space for 3rd party designers and manufacturers to offer their own docks and grab some profit. This led to very wide range of available iPad docks, so in case you’re interested in this purchase, you can spend quite some time searching for the best one.

Actually, there’s isn’t “the best” iPad dock, since we all have our individual taste and needs as well. This means that some of us like minimalistic Apple design, while others are inclined towards a bit more lavish shapes and materials, for example. Also, some docks come with special features like built-in sound amplifiers, built-in styluses, or even game controllers. Of course, this all correlates to different budgets, which is important to have in mind.

Today we are bringing you a review of a very interesting iPad dock, made by Element Case and named Joule II. This product is a bit more luxurious, and is made for individuals who are willing to spend a bit more money on a quality made product.

Joule II 3

Joule II comes in a thoughtfully designed shape. As soon as you lay your eyes on it, you will realize that this is not just another iPad dock, but a precisely designed product.

In its essence, Joule II is a metallic tube with refined edges. As you can expect, it features the cradle for your tablet which comes with microsuede lining, which softly grips your iPad. This is a very nice touch, which you’ll surely appreciate. In case you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can order Joule II with black or brown leather lining. This upgrade also refers to fine finish, which will be a nickel finish in case you want to spend $40 more. Standard edition comes with black or silver scheme, with microsuede lining, and costs $110.

Joule II 1

Joule II holds you iPad firmly and you can position the tablet in landscape or portrait orientation. As you can see from the pictures, it comes with finely finished curved edge right bellow iPad’s home button, which is a nice touch. It also features sound amplifier, which will boost iPad’s sound a bit, but it won’t be too much noticeable.

Joule II can be finely adjusted to any possible angle, so you can use it in various situations. Element Case calls this mechanism Auto Tilt, and it actually works very well in practice. It can easily hold iPad’s weight since whole Joule II is quite heavy due to its metal nature.

In case you’re willing to spend a bit more money on a quality made and interestingly looking iPad dock, Joule II is a way to go. Its design nicely complements iPad’s shape, finishing materials and curvature, and it also features some interesting details like volume booster and Auto Tilt mechanism.



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