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PROS: Web-based and non-intrusive. Very secure password handling. Saves time while filling out forms.

CONS: Interface could use some redesign and clearing up.

LastPass 1In case you’re not using any password-management application, I would strongly recommend to think about possible consequences in case someone exploits your personal information and sensitive data. These applications offer convenient vault for your passwords and other info, and some of them bring some extra features which could ease up your online shopping, banking or using some other paid service. The truth is that most password-management apps are pricey, and that’s mostly because these should be extremely stable and secure, and they are using different types of password-data management.

We’ve reviewed several password managers in the past, and most of them are really helpful and efficient. Probably the most popular one, at the moment, is 1Password which is available on OS X and iOS as well (you can find a review of 1Password on our website). In this article we’ll talk about yet another interesting addition to OS X range of password managers, which is offering a different kind of password management than the one found in 1Password. This app is called LastPass and you can download and use it free of charge, which is a pleasant surprise considering this product category.

The LastPass works a bit differently than the rest of OS X password managers because it is web based, and it doesn’t store any data on your computer. It actually doesn’t exit as a standalone application, but instead it’s an extension for a web browser. You can find an extension for every well-known and popular web browser, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It only takes a few moments to download and install it, and the small LastPass icon will appear in the web browser of your choice.

LastPass 2

Even though it works as an extension, it is very powerful and it’s got almost every feature that you could expect from an application of this type. You’ll be able to register when you open it for the first time, and this will take you to your vault. You can set up a personal profile which contains all your personal info like name, address, credit card numbers, and such information. This way the LastPass can use it once you decide to fill out an online form at some shopping website, for example. You can also create several profiles, and then simply choose from which one you’d like to retrieve information while filling out an online form.

Besides these basic features, there’s also some others which you won’t find in every password manager. For example, you can take the Security Challenge within this app, which will scan all your sensitive data and passwords, so that LastPass can detect if something can be improved. You’ll get a score of up to 100, and you’ll be presented with a list of actions which you can do to generate new passwords.

It is also important to know that the LastPass encrypts your data before it’s been uploaded, which should mean that even administrators at LastPass can’t access them. And finally, in case you’re switching to (or from) another similar app, you can import/export all you data as a text file, which could be easily used by another password manager.



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