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PROS: Very comprehensive and feature rich. Easy to navigate, even with large recipe libraries.

CONS: Doesn’t include iOS licenses. Doesn’t offer any backup feature.

MacGourmet Deluxe 1The Mac App Store offers all kinds of apps, and you’ll be surprised how many interesting and unusual apps you can find there. These can help you with your hobbies, organization, or to make you more productive. An interesting sub-category found in the Mac App Store are applications which are created for amateur and professional cooks, who are in need of powerful management system. One of those is called Paprika, and it is one of the most popular in this category. You can find a review of Paprika right here on MacReview. However, today we are introducing you to yet another interesting cooking management app, called MacGourmet Deluxe.

The MacGourmet Deluxe is a well-designed and feature rich cooking (or kitchen) management application. It comes packed with sample recipes to get you started, as well as some other preloaded files with are there to help you learn the ropes. Once you open it for the first time, you’ll see many familiar icons and the way its interface is organized, since this is a well-designed Mac-friendly application. On top you’ll find several main icons like “New” and “Delete” which are used accordingly to which category you’re currently in. As you can see from the screenshots, the MacGourmet offers all its tools in a left-positioned sidebar where you can find three major groups of tools: Library, Recent, and Lists. Library contains recipes, notes, shopping lists, and even wine notes. In the “Recent” group you can find your clippings, search results, imports and a trash bin. The lists are entries you’ve made, and they can be manual or smart. Now let’s go through some of its main features.

MacGourmet Deluxe 2

The MacGourmet Deluxe comes with 150 preloaded recipes, just to show you how you can organize them and in general, the way they can be presented. This app is made for those who like to search for their own recipes and then enter them into this app. You can do this completely manually by typing your recipe in (into numerous preloaded fields and categories), you can download a recipe from one of the supported websites, or you can make a clipping of a recipe from any website possible. This way, your new recipe will be stored into the Clippings folder, where you need to prepare it to be imported as a new recipe card. This process is automatic and you won’t have much typing to do. Anyway, it is much more convenient and easier than having to manually enter every single sentence.

MacGourmet Deluxe 3

This app also allows you to create a shopping lists manually, or according to ingredients of a chosen meal. You can simply print it out, or you can send it to MacGourmet’s iPhone/iPad application which needs to be purchased separately.

In general, the MacGourmet Deluxe allows you to store your own recipes, plan menus, get some help while cooking, create your own cookbooks, manage your nutrition and keep track on wines. As you can see, it is very comprehensive and is created for those are willing to fully utilize it.

You can purchase the MacGourmet Deluxe for $50.


  1. This is actually for MacGourmet and MacGourmet Deluxe 4:

    I truly hate it when a software application that you really like gets bought by a company that absolutely destroys its functionality. I’ve used a software package called MacGourmet, originally marketed by Advenio, to store recipes and catalog wines for years. It was an application that allowed me to sync all that information from my laptop to both my phone and iPad. The syncing was a bit clunky, but it worked. Then came Mariner Software, who bought up MacGourmet a couple years ago. They changed the syncing mechanism so that all data has to go through their cloud server (don’t mind using a cloud server, but why they did not use dropbox or have an iCloud option is a mystery to me). Well, it doesn’t work. Every time I edit a record their cloud server creates a new record so that I have two versions on my mobile device. The only way to fix this, because the error is in the cloud database, is for me to totally delete my Mariner cloud account and recreate using the clean database on my laptop. Then, I have to delete the app off my mobile devices and reinstall them with a new sync. Yuk!!!

    I first reported this issue to Mariner last August. There is no evidence that their support team has made any effort whatsoever to address the issue. Frankly, based on my few email responses, which I no longer get, the issue is beyond their ability to fix. Further, they have now taken down their community discussion board (a hold over from Advenio) which was the only avenue uses had to vent their concerns. They also do not offer anything by email contact so you cannot even call and talk to a real person.

    Too many worries to use this software any longer.


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