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PROS: Packed with useful features. Completely free of charge.

CONS: Makes me wonder how an application like makes money, and if it comes with some hidden features.

Magican 3Just like with any other operating system, Mac OS X needs some maintenance from time to time. This is needed to order to keep your Mac running at its peak speed, and perhaps to resolve some issues you might be having with some applications or with OS X. I strongly believe that every OS X user should have an application of choice, which is used to perform automatic maintenance. Luckily, there are dozens of free and paid solutions, which could really help you with your operating system. Some of these application work as promised, but there are some which could produce problems and conflicts with various parts of OS X, so it’s helpful to read a few reviews in order to see all positives and negatives.

In today’s article we are bringing you a review of rather interesting system utility application, called Magican. Most of us will read this as “Magician”, but it’s Magican – which is a rather odd name, combined of “magic” and “can” (according to its developers). On the other hand, it comes with interestingly looking icon which resembles an elephant, in my eyes, so I am not really sure in what direction did developers wanted to go. It is a rather funny situation.

Magican 1

Magican is a free application and promises plenty of interesting features, packed in a nice looking interface. I am always cautious with those nice looking and feature-rich apps, which come for free, and that’s the reason why I took some research to see if Magican is trustworthy. After all, it is made to earn some money, and there are good and bad ways to do so. In my research I’ve found that it doesn’t contain malware, and it doesn’t collect any information from your computer. It doesn’t even show ads, but it does give you recommendations of apps from the Mac App Store in non-intrusive way. In case you find something else, please notify us by writing a comment bellow.

Magican 2

It is actually unbelievable how many useful tools Magican offers. It provides you with system information, as well as software check in order to see unused app and those apps which need to be updated. It allows you to check and edit login items, as well as to uninstall/remove applications. You will also be able to review system resources like RAM, CPU usage, and temperature, just like you would use Task Manager which could be found in Windows OS. You can also clear junk files like caches and logs, and you’ll be able to search for duplicates. It even shows temperature and weather conditions in the top toolbar, even though I am not sure how this connects to any other part of Magican.

As you can see, this application brings together many different functions and is able to replace several other smaller applications. It makes me cautious that this app is completely free, even though I haven’t found any justified suspicions.On the other hand, it makes me wonder why developers didn’t offer it for a couple of dollars through Apple’s Mac App Store.


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