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PROS: Quality made. Takes only a few minutes to install. Great flexibility.

CONS: Some people will not like that installation requires drilling 5 holes through a desk.

MobilePro 4Everyone who discovered joys of dual-monitor setup knows how this can be useful, even if you’re not a professional but only an average home user. A freedom that you get by pairing two displays into a single display unit completely changes a perception of everyday computing. The truth is that many professionals would greatly benefit from this setup, and this can surely raise their productivity.

In the past, dual monitor setup was pretty expensive and it was considered to be high-tech. However, today your Macs already come preloaded with some software and hardware which are prepared to be paired with another monitor, so all you need to do (besides having that other monitor) is to buy needed adapters and perhaps some apps used to ease up this process. There are also some other hardware products which could make you strongly consider creating this setup, and today we are going to talk about one of them. This product is made by Bretford, and it is called MobilePro Desk Mount Combo.

This is actually a stand which supports more than a standard Mac dual monitor setup, and I guess you’ll be surprised with all those small features you are going to find in this stand, or differently said – a mount.

MobilePro 2

MobilePro Desk Mount Combo is priced at $230, and it is made specifically for Mac-made products. It completely lifts up monitors, notebooks and even tablets from your desk, giving you chance to organize yourself a bit better and become more productive.

In order to set it up, you’ll need to know that you will need desk with a solid surface between 0.5 and 1.12 inches. This is needed because you’ll need to drive 5 holes through the top of your desk in order to make this whole structure firm and stable. You will receive a mounting plate in its packaging, which should help with alignment, so installation should only take a couple of minutes.

MobilePro 3

As you can see from the pictures, this mount comes with a central metal tube, which acts as a backbone for this whole structure. You can find a large bracket inside it, which is used to store your cables. Actually, this products comes with six adjustable cable clips, so you can position them accordingly, so you won’t even see the cables leading to your monitors (which is a big plus).

Speaking of its usability, which is its most important role, a product like this needs to fulfill certain standards with dual monitor setup in order to give you a complete freedom. The MobilePro Desk Mount Combo comes with 12 inches of travel (horizontal and vertical) for each of those two adjustable arms. You can also rotate both displays 360 degrees, and turn them landscape or portrait. Also, this mount can be used in many different scenarios: with two large displays, one display and a notebook, two notebooks, a display and a tablet, and so on.

Even though it is a bit pricey, I believe it is important to be prepared for an investment in you’re willing to try a dual monitor setup. Bretford came with a perfect solution, which gives you complete flexibility, quality made structure, and a 12-year warranty.


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