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PROS: Sturdy protection for your iPhone. Affordable. Comes with an additional stand.

CONS: Covers iPhone’s buttons with sturdy silicon.

Musubo Retro 2We tend to use our iPhones differently, since all use our phones in a different manner and in different situations. Ever since the original iPhone was introduced, you were able to choose from a wide range of cases and skins, which are used to protect your phone. During all these years, cases were proven to be really popular and when each new iPhone generation appeared, manufacturers simply adjusted those cases to a new design.

I do believe that cases and skins are essential in case you’re interested in protecting your iPhone from scratches and damages, even though I’ve never really felt that their design complements iPhone’s beautiful lines and curvature. During all these years I’ve found only a few truly interesting cases, which I still have in my possession. It is clear that it’s not easy to make a successful iPhone case, since that case needs to be beautifully designed, very durable, and offer something unique so that customer will take a notice of it.

There are also several categories of iPhone cases: standard plastic ones, luxurious kind, cases with some extended functionality, cases made for outdoor use, and several other. In this article we’ll be reviewing a case called Musubo Retro, which is designed to offer enhanced protection from damages and shocks to your phone.

Musubo Retro scr1

Musubo Retro features very unusual design, which I believe that it was created with some exoskeleton structure in mind. As it turns out, designers made this case with retro microphone design in mind. It costs $35 and its package contains Musubo Retro case which consists of inner and outer shell, as well as a small adjustable stand, which is a nice addition.

As we said earlier, Musubo Retro comes with two shells. Inner shell is made of silicon and nicely fits iPhone, even though I would like better if this case was made of plastic of a bit stronger silicon since it feels that it could “surround” iPhone’s body a bit firmer. Over the inner shell comes outer shell, which resembles an exoskeleton and which is available in several colors. This shell is made of polycarbonate and feels very nice in hand. It also fits in and out of pocket without any problem.

Inner and outer shell are covering some iPhone’s buttons like sleep/wake and volume controls, and this makes pressing those buttons a bit hard. On the other hand, Musubo Retro leaves exposed mute/unmute button, as well as the Lightning port and speaker grille. I found it strange that both shells also left Apple logo completely uncovered, which I believe is unnecessary, since this space collects dust and smudges.

Musubo Retro also brings foldable stand, designed to work with ribs of outer shell. It is a nice addition, and it holds an iPhone in three different angles. It can’t replace a proper stand, but can be useful in some situations.

Musubo Retro is doing a good job of protecting your iPhone by covering it with two-layered protection. Some people will like its design, while other won’t, but that’s the situation with any design decision. It is very affordable and comes with a small stand, but some elements are questionable, like covering iPhone’s buttons with silicon which makes it harder to press them.


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