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PROS: Very quality made, with attention to small details. Easy to install. Flexible to use.

CONS: 27’’ display seem to be its upper limit in terms of usability and weight management. High priced.

MX Desk Mount 1Professionals who spend their entire work hours in front of their computers are perfectly aware how important it is to have an adequate and ergonomic chair and desk, to begin with. I’ve recently visited one of the high-grade graphic studios, and besides an array of iMacs I’ve also noticed that none of them are in their original setup. This means that almost all of those iMacs are hooked onto a flexible arm which is connected to a wall or a desk. This could be considered as a professional or specialized equipment, but I strongly believe that even an average home users could greatly benefit from these advanced computer stands and mounts.

Today we are going to show you an interesting product, which is a bit pricey, but delivers high quality and some very interesting functions as well. It is a mount made for iMacs and Apple’s displays in general, called MX Desk Mount, made by Ergotron.

MX Desk Mount is a high quality and very flexible metal arm which holds your iMac or an Apple display, lifting it up from your desk and giving you a plenty of traveling space for your iMac/Apple display. It costs $170, which is quite expensive for a single-display mount, so naturally I was very interested to see what this product can offer and if it is really worth that price.

MX Desk Mount 2

Once you open its packaging, you will instantly realize that this is probably one of the most quality made mounts. We’ve reviewed several product from this category in the past, and MX Desk Mount is probably the most impressive looking mount we’ve encountered.

First, you will need to install it. It is important to say that you’ll receive many different types of screws and bolts, so you’ll easily mount it onto your desk regards of its material and board’s thickness. Installation in non-intrusive, which means in case you’d like remove it from your desk sometime in future, you can simply unscrew it, and that’s all there is. In order to hook your iMac or a Thunderbolt display, you will need to purchase VESA Mount Adapter which costs $30-$40. Some iMac models can be purchased with built-in VESA adapter, so you’ll need to check that before installation.

According to official tech specifications, MX Desk Mount is able to hold up to 30lbs, which means that theoretically you can easily use even the biggest iMac. In comparison, 27’’ iMac weighs 21lbs, while 27’’ Thunderbolt display weighs 23.5 pounds. Since this product can be also used with any standard display as well (with an appropriate adapter) I wouldn’t recommend using it with 30’’ displays since this will really test its strength.

Speaking of its usability, MX Desk Mount is able to rotate and move your display any way you want it. Still, its height is non-flexible, so in case you use 27’’ display don’t expect any big travel distance.



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