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PROS: Very useful. Well design, resistant and quality made. Excellent iOS app.

CONS: None.

PocketFinder 2Even though iOS devices are on the market for only a few years, their potential is still not fully explored. This is perhaps due to constant development of iOS, as a mobile operating system, as well as iPhone and iPad models which are receiving annual hardware upgrades in forms of a new generation.

During the last couple of months, we wrote several very interesting articles regarding some unusual roles of iOS devices. For example, we reviewed a personal weather station which work by achieving connection between a custom designed sensor and an iOS device. In today’s article we’d like to introduce you to another very interesting product that you probably wouldn’t think about on your own, but after you realize how helpful it can be, you might strongly consider purchasing it. This product is a pocket-size GPS locator, named the PocketFinder and made by LBT (Location Based Technologies). It can be found at Apple’s online store for $150, as well as with many online resellers.

The PocketFinder is a very small and very light device, which looks completely unassuming. It is actually a small rounded plastic device which comes with no buttons or lights. On the other hand, it holds inside two components: an accurate GPS tracking antenna and Wi-Fi connectivity.

PocketFinder 1

Inside its packaging, besides the PocketFinder, you will find a small circular base which you place the PocketFinder in order to charge it. The base comes with an LED light which turns red in order to tell you that charging is under way, and green in case charging is finished.

Speaking of its design and how quality made it is, the PocketFinder is extremely firm and sealed so it is water- and dust-proof, and it absorbs shock easily. As we said earlier, it doesn’t have any buttons or switches, and actually it’s always switched on.

PocketFinder 4

In order to start using the PocketFinder, you can set it up using a web interface, or as we did, by using a free iPhone app. The good news is that this is a well-designed application won’t lose any functionality over web-based version. The initial set up will include registration and choosing a service plan, and there’s only one, which costs $13 per month. You will receive the first two months of service free of charge. After that, you will be taken to the main screen.

PocketFinder 3

The PocketFinder’s iOS app shows your GPS device in a standard map interface, and it is very easy and intuitive to use. You can also track several devices at the same time. You can use the PocketFinder in numerous situations, and there are numerous functions built-in to make this possible. For example, you can set up geo-fences using this app, in order to receive a notification if this rule is broken. You can also set up a speed limit, and receive a notification (text message, email or push notification) when that limit is broken. There’s also a History tab, where you can review up to 60 days of tracking for each device.

In general, this could be extremely useful GPS tracker. It is well connected to its iOS app, which is one of the most comprehensive apps of this type we’ve ever seen.


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