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PROS: Very interesting to-do application. Dropbox sync. Beautiful design.

CONS: Can’t prioritize tasks.

TaskAgent 1We have recently reviewed several text editors, which are a part of a new movement, if we can name it that way. Those are very simple and stripped text editors, which are using plain text and Markdown syntax to format the text on-the-go. If you spend a lot of time writing, and constantly focusing your attention to that text, these text editors will suit you perfectly. If you haven’t encountered Markdown or HTML before, it will take some time to learn the basics, and then it will be very easy to upgrade that knowledge. This will save you a lot of time, and you will be focused only on your writing, instead trying to fit into certain layout and complex editing. I can see that this could perfectly work for writers, bloggers, journalist, and students, just to name a few examples.

With the rising popularity of Markdown syntax, simple text editors have found a way to sneak into other applications, like to-do organizers. In this article we will be talking about such application, named TaskAgent.

TaskAgent is a minimalistic to-do organizer, which focuses on getting the job done, while increasing your productivity. As you can see from the screenshots, TaskAgent has a very simple interface, yet beautifully designed. You will get to use only three icons, which trigger three different actions: New list, New note, and Forced synchronization (with Dropbox).

Once you add a new note to your to-do list, it will appear as the latest note, or differently said, it will appear on the top. While typing text in any part of TaskAgent, you can use standard and specific Markdown codes in order to format text on-the-go. For example, if you enter a hyphen symbol before a sentence, this will create a new task; If you add “x” to your task, TaskAgent will cross it with a line, and declare it as done. Once you learn these tricks, it will be pleasure using this application.

Once you add new notes to your to-do lists, you can copy or move them to any other list, which is a welcomed feature. On the other hand, you won’t be able to prioritize notes, which I found very annoying. After all, this is a to-do application, and this feature should be essential. Still, this is not a major downside, and developers could easily add this feature, which I hope they will do.

If you search for this application in the Mac App Store, you will notice that is says: “TaskAgent for Dropbox”. This means that your to-do lists could be easily exported as RTF files and stored in your cloud storage. Since you can use Dropbox on any device and any platform, this is a valuable feature. Still, I think that for its price, TaskAgent should have included other cloud storages like Google Drive and SkyDrive, so it can achieve larger user base.

This application could be purchased for $5.99, which I think is slightly overpriced. What’s interesting is that its price dropped to $1.99, two times in a couple previous months, so you can easily get a better deal if you don’t mind waiting a bit.


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