The Enduro Mini Battery Case
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  • The Enduro Mini Battery Case
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PROS: Nice idea, but messy execution. Affordable.

CONS: You will need to carry around 2 cables and an adapter to use the built-in battery. Heavy and bulky. Magnets doesn’t seem strong enough.

Enduro Mini 3iPad Mini is the latest addition to iOS product lineup, which received many positive critiques and which was very well received by Apple fans and customers. Even though this product was expected to be introduced even before Apple made official statements, most designers and manufacturers waited until they got iPad Minis into their own hands in order to design and create accessories like cases, skins, keyboards, and such.

Euphoria surrounding iPad Mini is still strong, and new accessories are appearing on a daily basis, while manufacturers and designers are trying to come up with something new and innovative, which will bring them much needed profit. That’s why it’s very interesting to keep track of this trend, and that’s why we are always happy to try out and review a new iPad Mini accessory.

In today’s article we will be showing you a battery case for iPad Mini, which is called Enduro Mini, and which is produced by Padacs. It costs $60.

Enduro Mini scr1

In case you’re not familiar with a term “battery case”, it means that this case comes with built-in battery which is used to recharge your iPad Mini and prolong its battery life. There are numerous examples of a very successful battery cases for iPhones, which are able to at least double the original battery life and which are very popular. The Enduro Mini comes with 800 milliamp battery, which in practice means that you can fully recharge the tablet.

Enduro Mini scr2

The Enduro Mini comes in three color variants: black, pink, and blue. As you can see from the pictures, this is folio-style case, made of stitched leather. Folio-style means that you will need to “lock” your tablet into provided plastic brackets, so you can open it like a book which will always wake your tablet thanks to magnetic support. Speaking of that mechanism, Enduro Mini comes with the magnet which sometimes doesn’t function as needed, so I always had to check whether my iPad Mini was still awake even after I close this case. Another trouble is that sleep/wake button is a bit covered by a plastic bracket, so when I needed to put the tablet to sleep (when Enduro Mini failed to do so), I needed to curl my finger to press a button.

In order to recharge Enduro’s built-in battery, you will need to use USB cable to connect it to your computer or a wall socket. When you decide to recharge iPad Mini’s battery, you also need to use a cable to connect Enduro Mini to iPad Mini. Actually you need to use your own Lightning cable along with Micro-USB adapter to achieve this connection. In other words, this is a simple external battery simply stitched into leather case. I find this whole process a bit complicated and unnecessary, and it is also a problem that you will always need to carry 3 pieces of additional equipment to use the built-in battery. And by having a battery inside a case, it will make it bulky and heavy. A better solution would be simply to buy an external battery and use it only when needed.


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