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PROS: Very interesting design. Quality made. Amazing sound quality. CONS: Bass is a bit distorted at very high volumes.

Sound Cylinder 1I’ve been an iPad user ever since it first came out, a few years ago. Even though I first looked at it as an expensive toy, today iPad could easily replace my notebook in many ways. It is very small and light, so I can easily carry it around instead of my notebook which needs time to start and shut-down. It also features very long battery life, allows me to create Pages and Word documents, read my e-mails and browse the web on a beautiful Retina screen, and it offers hundreds of highly helpful applications which I use on a daily basis.

By having my iPad at all times, need for a certain accessories appeared. I’ve got my iPad sleeve to protect it, Bluetooth keyboard in times of intensive typing, and a wireless speaker for occasional (home) fun, when I listen to music, play games, and of course watch TV shows and movies. Actually these are three pieces of additional equipment which I believe are essential for every iPad user.

Sound Cylinder 2

Today we are not going to talk about cases and sleeves, nor keyboards, but instead we’ll review a very interesting and kind of unique wireless speaker which could be the perfect companion for an iPad, or any other tablet for that matter. This product is called Sound Cylinder, and is made by Definitive Technology. It is priced at $200, so I had high hopes for its sound quality.

You will be surely impressed with the Sound Cylinder the first time your see it. Actually, perhaps even before that, since its designers made an effort to design its cylindrical packaging. Once you feel it in your hand you’ll notice how light it is (0.75lbs/340gr), as well as how sturdy and quality made it is. Packaging will contain an USB AC adapter, USB-micro cable, standard mini audio cable, microfiber carrying bag, and of course the Sound Cylinder.

Sound Cylinder 3

This is a well-designed product, and it is clear that designers took their time to think about some very small details, so I can actually say this feels like an Apple-made product. The cylinder, or outer shell, is made of strong aluminum, and there’s also a clamp which could be used with iPad and iPad Mini as well. There’s also a small magnesium alloy kickstand, which holds your iPad along with this speaker in its upright position, which is perfect when watching a movie. One side of this cylinder brings volume controls and power button, while the other side is covered with aluminum grille which protects internal woofer.

The Sound Cylinder is very easy to use, and all you have to do is to use its clamp to connect it with your tablet. Of course, you can also use it just like any other wireless speaker, and you can use its clamp to connect it your notebook, for example. Its magnesium covered kickstand will securely keep it in one place.

Sound quality is amazing, and it is very impressive for a speaker this size. It is able to be very loud, even though you will notice some bass distortion at those volumes. Sound is very clear and deep, and bass is just right at a normal listening volume. If you like watching movies on your iPad, this speaker should be an essential addition since it dramatically enhances and improves the sound.





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