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PROS: Very helpful app. Simple and well designed.

CONS: Sometimes you’ll need to force syncing, but this is iCloud’s issue.

Transloader 1My iPad is almost always by my side, and during the last year I’ve started using it much more often than before. A reason for this are those numerous iOS apps which are being developed and published, and which are extremely useful and make my iPad a bit more powerful. Besides that, I also tend to use an iPad to review and respond to e-mails, as well as to use iOS’ Safari to check some website or a particular piece of information. And I assume that more and more people are starting to use their iPads instead of a notebook for many different functions, as well.

Even though I find my iPad to be exceptionally useful in terms of web browsing, I’ve always had one particular problem. I exchange a lot of files on a daily basis, and those are Word/Pages documents, images and executable app files, or installers. When I receive a text of a PDF file, I can use iOS’ Mail to open it and then save it to my Dropbox account, so I can have them on my Mac. The same goes for images, but I still got a problem with installer files. iOS’ Safari or Mail can’t download those files, as well as many other particular file types, simply because iOS doesn’t support them. So I always had to save those e-mails with links to download on my OS X, or sometimes to copy those links to a text file located in my Dropbox account. Well, this was before I’ve found a very helpful little OS X/iOS app called Transloader.

Transloader is a small app which uses iCloud protocol to sync web links between my iOS device and a Mac, and which automatically downloads that particular file to my Mac’s desktop. This app could be found at the Mac App Store for $5, while its iOS app is free of charge. In order to use it, you’ll need to download both of these small apps to your iOS device and your computer as well.

Transloader 2

Now let’s see how Transloader actually works. When you encounter an app, or a file which can’t be opened in iOS using Safari or any other iOS browser, your iPhone/iPad will tell you that this file can’t be downloaded. Well, now you can simply copy that link, and open iOS’ Transloader app. When you open it, it will automatically ask if you want to add a new link from your clipboard and that all you need to do. This will make Transloader add that new link and sync it using iCloud with the Transloader on your OS X and download that file to a desktop.

Interface of these two apps is very simple, and you can see their screenshots in this article. It is basically made to sync links and download files on a Mac, and that’s all it does. OS X’s Transloader can automatically download files, or allow you to start that manually. You can also specify into which folder those files are going to be downloaded.

For me, personally, this app is very helpful and saves me a lot of time. It costs only a couple of dollars, so it’s worth its price. The truth is that you can do this syncing using Apple’s own iCloud with some tinkering (for free), but this app saves you a trouble and automatizes this process.


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