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PROS: Quality made. Easy to clean and take care of. Holds an iPad very firmly.

CONS: None.

WS Kitchen Stand 1An iPad completely changed the way we consume digital content, since now we’ve got large and beautiful Retina display which is perfect for web browsing, watching videos, playing games, reading magazines, and so on. There’s also the Apple’s App Store which is filled with thousands of great and very useful apps, and that number is rapidly increasing every single day. That’s why an iPad has many different uses, which made this tablet so successful.

All of this actually led to specifically created set of apps, which are very popular in the App Store. Those are cooking apps, which made iPad relevant and very useful in the kitchen. It seems that iPad started to push out old-fashioned cookbooks, which is due to its interactivity and video content. As you can image, it is much easier cooking and trying out different recipes if you follow a video tutorial. This led to creation of another interesting product category, and those are specifically designed iPad kitchen stands. These can be a bit different than usual stands, since these are made to keep your iPad in its upward position so you can watch videos or read a guide while cooking, without that much active interaction with a tablet.

WS Kitchen Stand 3

In this article we are bringing you a review of a kitchen stand made by a well-known brand Williams – Sonoma. It is priced at $50, and you can find it at Apple’s online store or at Williams – Sonoma website.

This kitchen stand is a nicely designed product to hold your iPad in order to help you while cooking. It can hold an iPad in four different positions, and two different viewing angles, which should be just enough in order to find a perfect position. It is rounded in shape, and made of a metallic surface which fits nicely into every modern kitchen. As you can see from the pictures, it is covered with a rubber layer on its top and bottom sides, so it will firmly keep an iPad in its place. You can also notice a bracket, used to hold your iPad in portrait or landscape orientation. Also, its top side is a bit inclined and that’s because you can place an iPad on top of it, which offers a flatter viewing angle and another use of it. Finally, there’s one more interesting detail and that’s a small bracket on its backside, used to keep you iPad plugged into its cable during use.

WS Kitchen Stand 2

It is also important so say that Williams-Sonoma designed two other products which are perfect to use with their kitchen stand. That’s a Bluetooh speaker ($180) which fits nicely into bottom side of a kitchen stand, and there’s also a Screen shield ($15) which covers iPad’s screen so is doesn’t get accidentally scratched or dirty, which is a nice addition since you’ll be using it in the kitchen. We’re only letting you know about these two products, since we’ll review them in a separate article so a final rating in this article will only apply to a kitchen stand.

In general, this stand is really perfect for use in the kitchen since its holds your iPad in a perfect viewing angle for watching videos while working, naturally in a standing position. It can be also easily cleaned from any smudges and nicely absorbs accidental hits, which can all easily happen while cooking.


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