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PROS: Very useful, expands limited iPad’s storage. Can be used by several devices. Well-designed iOS app.

CONS: Requires spending some time setting it up for the first use. Inability to edit files while in Wi-Fi mode. No battery level indicator on drive.

Wireless Plus  3Many iPad and iPhone users are struggling with free space on their devices, since today it is very easy to fill up a hard drive. Even though iOS devices come in difference sizes, from 16GB up to 64GB for iPhone and up to recently unveiled 128GB for iPad, there are numerous ways to fill up with space. With iPad’s beautiful screen, I like transferring movies and TV shows to watch them, and I’ve got pretty huge music library which is automatically synced with both of mine iOS devices, and of course since I am a gamer, I like playing games in my free time which can take up to 2GB of space each. This is why some 3rd party developers tried to solve this problem by creating an external hard drive which is compatible with OS X and iOS as well. In this article we are going to talk about such a product.

The Wireless Plus drive, made by Seagate, might be a solution if you’re running out of space on your iOS device. This is an external hard drive which brings 1TB of storage, and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Currently, it can be purchased for $200. Now, let’s see how this device works and if it’s really worth the money.

Speaking of its design, it is pretty much standard for any external hard drive and resembles other Seagate’s products. It is quality made and very sturdy, so I believe it can absorb shocks successfully without any permanent damage. It comes with LED lights to signal when it’s on and if it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network, but it doesn’t have an ability to show much battery power there’s left which is a letdown (since it comes with its own battery which can last for up 10hrs of use).

Wireless Plus  2

You can use this drive with your iOS device and OS X as well. In order to set it up for the first time, you’ll probably use a computer and installation is pretty much standard. You will have to download Seagate’s software. Using Seagate Drive Settings you can check battery level and other info, while Media Sync is used to transfer files. You can only transfer and delete files using USB connection, which is also one of its downsides.

In order to use Wireless Plus with your iPad, you will need to download Seagate Media for iOS, which is a free app. This app allows you browse and open files, and to browse through a library. Files and folders can be presented as thumbnails or in a list view, while Seagate Media app slightly changes its interface if a particular folder is filled with photo, videos, or music files. In general, Seagate Media is very useful and functional, and I didn’t experience any bugs or Wi-Fi interruptions.

Finally, there are two things which are worth mentioning. The Wireless Plus comes as an NTFS-formatted drive, so you will need to download Seagate’s NTFS driver for Mac in order to starting using it. I recommend re-formatting to an OS X-friendly format. Another thing to consider is that a device can connect to only one Wi-Fi network at a time, which means that it can’t connect to an internet while it’s connected to the Wireless Plus. On the other hand, Seagate designed their Media app for iOS to be able to connect to internet, so you should still have an internet access.


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