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PROS: Interesting to try out. Instant connection, works every time.

CONS: It can’t replace a Mac-made controller.

WJoy 2During those years of PowerPC architecture, Macs were known as computers for personal (home) and business use, not for gaming. Of course, this wasn’t only due to PowerPC architecture, since this was a deeper problem and there weren’t many developers who were willing to try to develop a hardcore game for Mac. However, when Apple started using Intel processors, Macs could suddenly run Windows which most gamers used to install PC games, which ran at native speeds thanks to BootCamp. As you’re probably aware of, even this situation changed lately, and now most PC-games developers are also simultaneously publishing Mac-friendly version of that game.

Seeing that now Macs can be used to play games, Apple invested a lot of financial resources to advertise certain notebook and desktop models as a real gaming machines. This also came with advanced graphics and beautiful displays, along with the Mac App Store, so gaming in no longer any issue. On the other hand, many new 3rd party accessories became popular with Mac users like different types of game controllers.

In today’s article we are not going to talk about a new game controller for Mac, but instead we’ll introduce you to a very interesting app that lets you connect Wii Remote to OS X. This app is called WJoy, and you can download and use it for free.

WJoy is rather very small application, which can downloaded and installed in just a few seconds. Once installed, you should be able to find a Wii Remote-looking icon in your menu bar. When you click on it, you’ll see only a few options like Begin Discovery, Autostart, About, Check for update, and Quit. All of them are pretty much self-explanatory.

WJoy 1In order to connect Wii Remote to your Mac you will need to click on WJoy’s icon and choose “Begin Discovery”. A small notification will pop-up to tell you that WJoy is searching for a Wii Remote. During that time you’ll need to simultaneously press buttons 1 and 2 on your Wii Remote, which should make all four lights blink at the same time. This way you’ve put your Wii Remote into (Bluetooth) recognizable state, and pairing should be instant. WJoy will automatically connect and a light should turn blue. You will also receive a notification on your OS X that a new remote controller is connected. To disconnect you simply need to turn off your remote, and this connection will be dropped, again with a notification.

I’ve tried connecting my remote via WJoy many times, and each time it worked flawlessly. In case you have any problems with connectivity, I would recommend going to Bluetooth pane of your OS X’s System Preferences.

Now speaking of how Wii Remote works with OS X games, it depends of each game separately. You will need to go through mapping of your controller, to set-up new controls. For some games it will work amazing, while some other games might not be so enjoyable since Wii Remote does have only a few controls available.


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