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PROS: Interesting design, but with some flaws. Quality made and durable. Useful for use with iPad. Affordable.

CONS: Some weird design decisions. Doesn’t improve iPad sound quality output.

Zooka 2
In case you’re interested in purchasing a wireless speaker, the current offering is very large. They come in all shapes and sizes, offer different audio technologies which results in a wide range of output quality, and they are priced accordingly. Also, in case you’re purchasing a wireless speaker for your iOS device, you should know that some speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity while there are also those which are made to support Apple’s own streaming technology, called AirPlay. As you can see, there is a number of things to consider and have in mind, before making a final decision.

In this article we are going to talk about a very interesting wireless speaker, which is designed to be used with an iPad. It is called Zooka Wireless Speaker, and could be purchased for $100. You can find it at most online retailers, as well as at Apple’s online store.

Zooka is interestingly designed speaker made by a startup company called Carbon Audio. Its primary role is to extended iPad’s sound power, but its somewhat clever design make it suitable for use with Apple’s notebooks as well.

Zooka 1

Zooka is basically shaped like a tube, and if take a look at it its profile, it is egg-shaped. Its profile will also show two metal grilles, one on each side. As you can see from the pictures, it comes with a slit, which is where you place your iPad. There’s also a small cutout in its middle part, which leaves space for iPad’s Home button or iSight camera, which depends on how you position a tablet into Zooka’s slit. Once you connect these two, Zooka can act as a low-profile stand, so you can easily type with your iPad. In case you’d like to watch movies or TV shows, you can use provided small metal bar which will direct your iPad into upright position.

Zooka 3

Zooka comes with some troubling design decision, as it seems. On one side there’s a slit, while on the back you’ll notice volume, power, and a Bluetooth buttons. There’s also USB port, small LED signal light, and standard audio port. In case you’d like to watch a movie and you put that metal bar which will keep your iPad upright, those buttons will be now positioned on the bottom side of Zooka, so I guess that designers thought that you’re going to use iPad’s touch controls, to increase/decrease a volume. Also, Zooka comes with a cutout made to revel iPad’s Home button, so in case you’d like to use with a notebook, this cutout will leave a space for iSight camera. This seems like a good thing, but when you position Zooka this way, it will reverse left and right speaker. This means that, for example, if an airplane comes from the left side during a movie scene, you’ll hear a sound on your right side. This can be easily fixed by simply turning Zooka the other way, but this will cover Mac’s iSight camera.

Speaking of its output quality, Zooka comes with two small 30mm drivers. This means that if you like watching movies on your iPad, like I do, volume can be greatly increased which is a good thing. However,f its downside is that sound won’t be much improved since there’s no real depth or noticeable bass.


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