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PROS: Nice and simple interface. Brings up some very detailed audio controls.

CONS: You’ll need a very quality audio system in order to notice a difference in audio output.

BitPerfect 1Most of us are perfectly satisfied with the quality of audio output of our Macs. Of course, many are buying external speakers, since most of those can easily beat Mac’s own built-in speakers which are rather small and can’t deliver very high volumes. That’s pretty much as far as most of us go, in terms of investing into an additional audio equipment. There are also those who really like listening to music or to watch a movies with the best possible audio quality. And for those, a completely new world of additional equipment and accessories opens up.

In case you don’t have an advanced knowledge of audio terms and how things actually work, it won’t make a big difference it you simply buy some very expensive audio system and hook it up to your Mac. In order to really feel a difference, you will need to use some high quality audio format, not your regular mp3. Also, many audiophiles will also tell your that iTunes isn’t able to get the best out of lossless audio signal, and that you will need to find a better solution. Well, in this article we are going to show you that you don’t need to replace Apple’s iTunes, but only to make it better with a small additional app.

The Mac App Store offers a small application called BitPerfect, which is priced at $10. This application promises enhanced iTunes output quality. We’ve taken it for a test, to see if it’s worth the price.

BitPerfect 2

BitPerfect is an app which doesn’t replaces iTunes, but it’s also not an add-on. Once installed, it will sit in OS X’s menu bar, and from there it will work seamlessly with your iTunes library. This means that iTunes is still going to be the central hub for media, and that’s where you add or remove music, organize playlists, handle movie files and everything else that you normally do. BitPerfect is used simply to optimize audio output quality by giving you more control over iTunes’ playback. For example, you will be able to set up upsampling, dither or buffer sizes, which you can’t normally do in iTunes.

Once you click on BitPerfect’s menu bar icon, you will see a drop-down menu. This is where you can enable/disable BitPerfect as well as finely-adjust the volume, which could be really helpful in case you noticed a distortion at high volumes while playing music through iTunes. But once you click on Preferences, this is where you’ll find a plenty of new and interesting options.

Preferences pane of BitPerfect brings amazing level of fine-tuning your audio output. But the thing is that in order to use it, you should know many audio terms. This shouldn’t be considered a problem, since BitPerfect is made for those who are audiophiles who know a lot about this technology, and who already own some high-end audio system.

This application is really made for audiophiles, and I believe that many are going to like the final output quality. This also means that you are going to need a high-end audio system in order to notice a real difference in audio. For some, $10 is surely worth it.


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