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PROS: Does a very good job of breaking OS X’s volume limitations. Equalizer presets. CONS: Can create noticeable distortion, which depends on quality and current state of speakers.

Boom 1During the previous MacWorld Expo, one small but very interesting application was presented. It was even awarded as Best of Show, which showed its potential. At that time, media was very interested in trying out this application, and it mostly received very positive ratings. This application is a system volume booster called Boom.

Boom is an application made by developer company called Global Delight, and is used to break the sound limitation of OS X, so that music can be played much louder than you’re allowed to by default. This surely isn’t something new or revolutionary since there many applications which come with ability to play media files at much louder volume that system’s own, but Boom is innovative in terms of its integration with OS X. And besides breaking those sound limits, it comes with an equalizer, and an additional feature which allows you to increase built-in volume of individual audio files. Now, let’s see how each of these three features work in real life.

Once installed and opened, Boom will show as an icon in OS X’s menu bar. If you click on it, you’ll get a tiny interface which consists of vertical slider, and a small icon positioned below. As you can imagine, this slider is used to determine the volume of a sound above those OS X limitations. It means that built-in volume controller will still work, so you can use Boom to make the sound much louder. If you click on that small icon bellow the slider, you’ll get some other interesting features of Boom.

Boom 2

Once you click on Boom’s icon located beneath its volume slider, you’ll get to its main window which is usually hidden. This is where you can enable/disable the Boom, and enable/disable and change the equalizer. There are numerous presets, which are able to make a real difference in sound reproduction system wide. The newest version of Boom, which was released a month ago, brought 6 new presents, so it’s good to know that you’ll surely receive more updates and improvements in the future. As you can expect, you can fine-tune each preset and set the range of bass, vocals and treble using vertical sliders.

Besides ability to change equalizer presets, this window holds another tab called Boost File. This feature allows you to boost built-in volume of an audio file. It is very simple and all you have to do is to add files and set-up a slider in order to change its output volume. Boom won’t replace the original audio file, but instead it will make a duplicate and if you choose so, it will place it into a new iTunes playlist.

In overall, Boom is very usable regardless of what Mac model you use. A good thing is that integration is system wide, so increased volume will reflect on listening to music, watching YouTube videos, video-chatting, and any other application you might be using.

Boom is priced at $7, which is much more affordable than some other similar solutions. It is available in the Mac App Store.


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