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PROS: Very intuitive and easy to use. Pulls Gmail folders and labels.

CONS: Performance issues. Built-in push notifications don’t always work.

Evomail 1One of the latest trends in the iOS App Store are apps which are clearly made to replace Apple’s own Mail app. This comes as a natural response to Apple’s timeline of iOS updates, since it seems like Apple decided not to change its Mail app as such, during the last couple of years. First, Google offered very popular (and free) Gmail client for iOS, which brought interesting user interface and some advanced features. Soon after, numerous e-mail clients appeared and some of them brought very large profits to their developers.

During the last month, we’ve brought several interesting reviews of some of the most popular e-mail apps at the moment. Today we are bringing you a review of e-mail app, called Evomail, available for iPad and iPhone now!

The first thing you need to know about Evomail is that it currently supports only Gmail service, but other services and IMAP protocols are promised to come in the near future. I’ve noticed that this app has a very low rating in the iOS App Store, but that’s mainly because most users didn’t bother to read that this is Gmail-only client, so I need to say that its low ratings are clearly unjustified. So, before we continue with the review, let’s say once again that Evomail is Gmail-exclusive (at the moment). It is also free!

Evomail 2

Evomail resembles Gmail’s native app, and comes with a very flat design. It is clearly more attractive than Apple’s Mail app and comes with some advanced features. Once you open it, you’ll encounter very intuitive interface, where all your e-mails are in the left-positioned sidebar, while the rest of the screen is dedicated to reading e-mails and viewing conversations. The interface is very nicely designed, and gives you opportunity to focus on reading e-mails and you can easily keep track of all participants of one conversation thanks to support for Gmail (Google) user pictures.

It is also important to say that Evomail supports multiple e-mail accounts, a unified inbox will be available soon). It will also pull your own customized Gmail folders and labels, which is a very welcomed addition. There’s also a support for push notifications of new e-mail messages as well as some sharing capabilities (Twitter and Facebook).

On the other hand, Evomail is still in its 1.2 version and in some ways you can clearly see that it needs a bit more development. For example, search doesn’t always function properly and it can be really slow sometimes. In my case, Evomail also sometimes failed to mention me of new e-mail messages, so those push notifications still need some more work and corrections. As Evomail is free and is available for iPad and iPhone you should really give it a try.

Note: This is an updated version of the original review as we received some very kind feedback from Jonathan George, co-founder at Evomail.


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