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PROS: High-capacitive battery. Very small and portable. Quickly charges up iPhone 5.

CONS: None.

Flex Charger 1Each new iPhone generation brings thinner devices and larger batteries, which is very thoughtful and ingenious engineering. As you surely know, the newest iPhone comes with a larger, or to be more accurate – taller screen, and with even thinner profile. Along with a new screen, which features incredible Retina technology, and comes a new battery which simply needs to be high-capacitive in order not to sacrifice battery life because of some new features.

Still, most of us struggle with iPhone’s battery life and the majority needs to recharge it on a daily basis. This is not Apple’s fault, since the new battery in iPhone 5 is perfectly designed to handle this device, and the constant need for additional power is due to numerous excellent apps which we use on a daily basis. If you stop and think for a minute about all those iPhone apps that you use on a daily basis, those are going to be Phone and Message apps, Mail, Maps, sometimes Camera or Music and Weather. There’s also Facebook and Twitter app, numerous news apps and so much more. In addition, most of these apps always run in the background so you can be always up to date with the newest events. This why most of us would greatly benefit from an external battery.

Here on MacReview, we have reviewed several excellent external batteries made for iPhones and iPads, and today we are introducing you to the Flex Pocket Charger made by PhoneSuit. The Flex Charger is an external battery which was on the market for a while now, but the newest generation comes with a support for iPhone 5 and a high-capacitive battery.

Flex Charger 2

The Flex charger basically looks like a USB thumb drive, so it can be easily placed in a pocket or a bag. This is something that makes Flex very appealing, since most external batteries are bulky and somewhat heavy to carry around all day long.

In order to charge your iPhone 5, you simply need to plug the Flex Charger into iPhone through its Lightning port. After that, slide you finger across its right side. This is where its power switch is positioned, which is a touch sensitive control. This is also where you can find four LED signal lights, and a Lightning port used to charge this charger. In fact, once you decide to charge your Flex, you can simply use your Lightning cable and plug it in, and then plug the Flex charger into iPhone, so you can simultaneously charge both of these devices.

It is also important to say that the Flex Pocket Charger comes with 2600 mAh battery. In order to see how large this capacity is, we can say that iPhone 5 comes with 1440 mAh battery. This means that you can fully charge your iPhone 5 and you will have additional power left. According to the PhoneSuit, the Flex comes with 125% bigger battery that the one found in iPhone 5. Also, it takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge your phone.

In case you’re searching for an external battery for your iPhone 5, the Flex Pocket Charger ($70) seems like the perfect solution.


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