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PROS: Very interesting idea. Educational and fun.

CONS: Limited in some ways. Some privacy concerns.

Fotopedia Reporter 1Fotopedia is a well-known source of interesting iOS applications which are giving you the opportunity to get to know more about the world around you. There are numerous Fotopedia apps, where some of them are focused on animal or plant species around the world, while others are focused on a national heritage of a particular country. These apps are basically very interesting photo essays, like the ones you can read in the National Geographic Magazine, for example. Everyone who likes searching a map for an interesting article knows about Fotopedia apps. Also most of these are free, but the most comprehensive ones cost a few dollars.

Today we are going to show you the newest addition to Fotopedia family, which closely resembles any other app from this group, but also brings something very interesting and new. This application is called Fotopedia Reporter, and it is free of charge, but only available on the iPad (with iOS 5.0 and up).

Fotopedia Reporter 2

Fotopedia Reporter offers yet another way for you to share your photos with your friends and family, and in this case – with the whole wide world. This application makes it easy to create a beautifully looking photo essay and upload it to Fotopedia’s server, so it can be accessed by anyone who’s signed in. This application was published on the iOS App Store three weeks ago, so I assume that it will become more and more interesting as the time passes and as the user-base gains momentum. Even if you download it right now, you can still find a lot of great content.

Now let’s see how this application works. If you ever used any of these Fotopedia apps before, than you already know your way around. Once you open Fotopedia Reporter, you will be able to explore photo essays right from the first page, or you can use the Map view to search for an article. You should also know that not every photo essay is linked to a particular Map point, even though the majority is.

Fotopedia Reporter 3

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the custom photo picker, which will allow you to add photos from your iPad. Now simply add a title and a description, and you can also link it to a Map point or to a Wikipedia article. You can add one by one picture and save them to your Drafts, so you can publish a photo essay when you’re ready to do so. Once you publish it, it will become visible to any Fotopedia user.

Currently, Fotopedia Reporter isn’t connected to any 3rd party apps like Flickr or any other online photo depository. This way you can only use your Photos app to upload a picture. Also, some users are concerned about their privacy, since by uploading photos via Fotopedia Reporter you will not maintain ownership of your photos. So, this application can have a really bright future, but there are some things which will slow down its progress.


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