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PROS: Quality made. Very high capacitive battery. Charges two iOS devices at once.

CONS: None.

Gum Max Duo 1Apple’s iOS products were always known as devices which came with high-capacitive batteries, which promised very long battery life. Ever since the original iPhone, Apple continuously developed batteries for iOS products, so that their battery lives don’t get shortened due to some new hardware of software features.

You surely noticed how long a battery life was at the time you just bought your iPhone or an iPad. However as the time passed, capacity of those batteries suffer, so after a year of intensive use, you will be able to notice that you might need an external battery, in case you need to use heavily your iOS device throughout the day. Also, we could write a fairly long article on all the elements which could impact battery life and how to take care of them, but instead we will introduce you to another solution. We are going to review a very interesting external battery called Gum Max Duo, which is made by a well-known company Just Mobile.

What’s interesting about this battery is its small size: 4.25 x 3.25 x 1.15 inches. It also weighs 9.7 ounces. As you can see from these numbers, this is highly portable external battery, which you could easily fit into your pocket or a bag.

Gum Max Duo 2

Speaking of its design, Gum Max Duo is cubic in shape, and has slightly rounded corners and edges towards its top side. This side is made of aluminum, while the bottom half is covered with hard rubber. I found this very helpful while keeping this battery on my desk and charging my iOS devices, since its rubbery bottom side keeps this battery in its place. It is also interesting to note that Just Mobile also offers rubber sleeves for this product, if you need some extra protection. These sleeves come in several colors and cost $13 each. Gum Max Duo is priced at $130.

Gum Max Duo 3

When you search for an external battery, you should always see how large its capacity is. For example, Gum Max Duo comes with 11,200 mAh battery. This means that you can fully charge iPhone 5 up to seven times, or you can fully charge the newest generation iPad almost two times. This is actually one of the biggest high-capacitive batteries that I reviewed. It also features two USB ports, so you can use your own Lightning cables to charge any iOS device. It is also important to say that one of these ports is 1amp USB, while the other one is 2.4amp. This means that the first one should be used with an iPhone, while the other one is perfect for any iPad.

Since its high-capacitive battery, it will take some to fully charge Gum Max Duo, once it completely drains. Once you decide to charge it, you can also charge two iOS devices simultaneously, all while charging your Gum Max Duo.


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