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PROS: Very useful. Brings some much needed improvement to OS X’s app switching. Very customizable.

CONS: At this point, none.

HyperSwitch 1A great percentage of Mac users use some kind of virtual software, or even Apple’s BootCamp, in order to run Windows on their machines. This is mostly due to some kind of professional-grade application, which is not OS X native, so it could be said that this not a choice, but something that’s unavoidable. I am one of those users for quite sometime now, even though my primary platform is still OS X.  I can understand that it’s sometimes frustrating switching from one operating system to another, adjusting new controls, gestures and in general, how things work.

This situation also comes with some upsides, since both of these systems offer some great features which I believe should be combined in order to create a perfect virtual working environment. One of those features is ability to automatically snap a window to a portion of a screen in Windows, which is now available on OS X thanks to a 3rd party developers. Another interesting thing is ability to preview opened windows or tabs within an application, and to easily switch between those previews using only a keyboard, which is now also available on OS X, which is something that will make many users happy.

HyperSwitch 2

HyperDock is an application which received many positive reviews and some very good rating by its users, once it became available on the Mac App Store, which was approximately six months ago. This application extended built-in Dock features, making it much more customizable and functional. This came with a price of $10, making in a medium-priced app. In this article we are going to tell about its sister application called HyperSwitch which is completely free since it’s still in beta, but in case you like what you’ll read I would recommend installing it prior it goes on sale.

HyperSwitch uses a well-known Command+Tab keyboard shortcut, which allows you to switch between opened apps. This is something that’s been around for a number of years, and I believe that most Mac users are using it very often. Now, with HyperSwitch enabled, you can use Command+Tab to switch between opened apps while previewing tabs opened within an application. It actually allows you to browse between those apps as well as between opened tabs, which is a great thing. Once you install HyperSwitch this will be its main role, but you can greatly change and enhance it using its Preferences pane, which comes highly customized.

HyperSwitch Preferences allow you to review every single function of this app, as well as its appearance. For example, while you’re switching between apps, you can set up HyperSwitch to sort opened tabs in one row or to imitate Windows-style of preview by grouping tabs according to a specific application. You can also change preview quality and image size, in order to optimize processor usage, which is a valuable thing on notebooks.

Even though HyperSwitch is pretty simple application, it brings some much needed changes to OS X’s way of switching between opened apps. Right after I’ve installed it, I never stopped using it and I believe that most Mac users would find it very useful.


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