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PROS: Quality made and very interesting design. Many color combinations available.

CONS: No magnetic wake/sleep support. Problems with some semi-covered ports. No cutout for the back camera. A bit pricey.

Inspiria Case 1When you go on a search for a new cover for your iPad or iPhone, you’ll face dozens of different types of cases. There are all kinds of sleeves, thin plastic shells, folio-style cases, shells which come with rechargeable batteries, metallic/aluminum protective cases, and much more. As you can see, there’s a case for any possible situation, and also the price range is quite large, so you can surely find the right fit for yourself. A review like ours can be very helpful, since this can be the most convenient way to find some new and interesting product, and to see all of its good and bad sides, which you can’t see otherwise.

In this article we are bringing you a review of a very interestingly looking folio-case, made only for the iPad Mini. This is a special type of a folio case which is made to resemble a hardcover book, so I assume that most students are going to love its aesthetics. This cover is called Inspiria Metallic iPad Mini, made by Xhbit, and sold for $80. This is surely one of the expensive iPad Mini Cases, and it’s got interesting looks, so I was very interested to see what this case offers.

First of all, let’s see how quality made it is and a few words on its design. It is clear that Inspiria case is made to resemble a hardcover book. It comes in several vibrant color combinations, and if you decide to order it online, you can actually make you own color combination. This combination refers to a color of the outer shell, its internal sides, as well as that rubbery band which could be seen on the pictures and which wraps this case. It is quality made, and inside you can find a bamboo frame where you can place your iPad Mini into. It fits really well, and it will keep your tablet in its place regardless of shocks or any other sudden movements. As we said earlier, when you place your iPad into bamboo brackets, and close the covers, you can wrap around a small rubber band, so everything will be nicely framed and in its place.

Once you decide to inspect details of the Inspiria Metallic Case, you will see that there are some problems with it. For example, the most obvious one is that it doesn’t support magnetic sleep/wake feature, which is something you can find in almost every folio-style case. This means that you’ll need to press Home or Power button each time you’d like to wake your iPad. Now, there’s another problem and that’s a design of a cutout made for power button, which is a bit misplaced. It means that this cutout doesn’t perfectly fit the power button, so you’ll need to press extra strong in order to activate it. This is not a serious problem, but it is a very present inconvenience. There’s also no cutout for the back camera, which I also didn’t like.



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