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PROS: Very capable NAS system. Can be used in many situations. Easy to set up and use. Can be accessed via OS X and iOS as well.

CONS: High priced.

LaCie 2Big 2Having a reliable external storage solution should be an essential aspect of your everyday computing. By using NAS (which stands for Network-Attached Storage) you can have large amounts of external disk space, which could be used in many different situations and different scenarios. Speaking from the point of view of someone who uses OS X, it is also important to search for Mac-friendly NAS solution which comes with software support for OS X (and sometimes even iOS) as well as some additional OS X-exclusive features.

Probably the best known manufacturer of external storage solutions for Macs is LaCie. This company offers very wide range of products which could be used by an average home user who only needs a reliable Time Machine backup, a professional who need steady RAID performance, and by professionals who need backup, RAID and a centralized hub for their media. No matter what your demands are, you’re probably going to find a suitable LaCie product. These external storages could also present a significant investment, so this is not something you should purchase without some research prior to making a final decision.

LaCie 2Big 1

LaCie 2Big is a network-attached storage, which offers basic and advanced NAS solutions so it can be used by professionals as well as anyone who’d like a reliable backup storage. This company has made some extra effort to show that these products are Mac-friendly by hiring an industrial designer, which was a good call. 2Big looks very stylish, and comes with aluminum body which perfectly matches any Mac, and it comes with that symbolic blue ball on its front side, which acts as a button.

In order to set it up for the first time, you’ll need to download LaCie Network Assistant, which is a tool used to set up and modify LaCie’s NAS solutions. Installation is fairly simple, and now you will have a Public shared drive available on your OS X network.

LaCie 2Big 3

2Big already comes preformatted and ready to use with OS X. That said, you can set up Time Machine if you’d like to have a reliable backup storage. You can also use it just like any other external storage, where you can keep your digital library which could be accessed from OS X and well as iOS.

In order to access 2BiG via iPhone, you’ll need to download a free app called myNAS which allows you to create a new servers, as well as join existing one, within your 2Big NAS. This way you can easily exchange files like photos, music, videos, and documents between a Mac and any iOS device, which is a huge advantage. You can also exchange files between two or more Macs, if all of them are on the same network. As you can imagine, this could be perfect for any small and medium sized business, who can build their own cloud storage solution.

2Big NAS comes in three configurations. You can purchase it without any hard drives ($180), with 4TB of storage ($420), and even 6TB ($530). You should also know that this NAS comes with ARM 2Ghz processor power and 256MB RAM memory.


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