Milo 3A good stand for any iOS device should be considered as an essential piece of equipment. This little accessory could be especially helpful for use on a desk, where it holds your iPhone in upwards position while you work, so you can see if there are some new messages, e-mails of some important notifications. Some stands also help charging your phone, and essentially they keep a desk a bit more organized.

Finding the most suitable stand is not as easy as going to a store and simply buying the one whose looks you like the most. There are several important factors which determine if a certain stand is usable and won’t harm your iOS device in long term. Some of them offer some unique features or certain aesthetic qualities, and of course, they come in various price ranges as well.

We’ve reviewed several interesting iPhone and iPad stands in the past, and a few of them received very positive ratings, while majority are mediocre and they can’t beat Apple’s one and only stand. As we continue seeing what the market offers, we also continue writing reviews and checking for interesting products. That said, today we bring you a stand named Milo, made by Bluelounge.

Milo 2

Milo is interestingly looking and uniquely designed stand, made for iPhone. It brings something new to the table and I am sure many will find it very interesting.

Perhaps the most prominent Milo’s feature is its elegant design, which I am sure Apple fans will know how to appreciate. It actually fits perfectly on a desk, right next to a MacBook or an iMac for example. Actually, if you look closely you’ll notice that small Milo has adopted basics of iMac’s design with a slight curvature and the way it holds an iPhone.

Milo 1

Milo comes with two adhesive tapes. One can be found on its leg, or its bottom side, so it attaches itself firmly onto a desk. The other one is located on a large pad used to hold an iPhone. To be fair, this is not a typical adhesive tape, since Bluelounge likes to call it a micro-suction pad, and it doesn’t leave any traces on the back of your phone.

Adhesive surfaces are quite firm, and Milo will keep your iPhone safe. I really liked that an iPhone can be easily placed on a pad and lifted without much force, and you can also “stick” your phone in landscape or portrait orientation. Sadly, you’ll receive only one possible viewing angle, but I guess this will work for most people. Also, since it leaves your iPhone free on all its sides, you can plug-in the Lightning cable and charge an iPhone, even though I would like to see some kind of small attachment so that a charging cable isn’t completely on its own. That is my only remark.

Milo comes in plastic ($15) and aluminum ($30) version, and several black-white-grey color combinations.


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