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PROS: Nicely design. Very useful. Made of eco-friendly materials. Cost effective.

CONS: A bit pricey.

Magic Feet 1Mobee is a company which makes charging alternatives to Apple’s input devices, and most of these products are proven to be quality made and very popular. We’ve already reviewed Mobee’s Magic Charger, which brings cost effective charging solution for Apple’s Magic Mouse, that works well in practice even though it does have some disadvantages. Today we are going to talk about Mobee’s Magic Feet, which promises to charge all your input devices at once, without having to worry of fast draining batteries.

No matter which one you use between Apple’s Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad or Wireless Keyboard, you’ve probably realized that all three of those input devices tend to drain out batteries quickly. Of course, this depends on how much you use your Mac on a daily basis, but I am talking from a point of view of a person who spends entire workday in front of a computer. That’s why I like Mobee’s Magic Charger in the first place, not because it claimed to be cost effective, but because I never had to worry about batteries. This is why I was happy to review the Magic Feet.

Magic Feet scr2

Magic Feet is the charging station which is able to simultaneously charge up to three input devices. In order to use it, you’ll need to replace the original batteries inside found your mouse, keyboard or trackpad with Mobee’s rechargeable batteries, which will be supplied in the box. Initial set up is very easy and you should be ready to go in just a few minutes. Simply replace those batteries and plug-in the Magic Feet into a wall outlet through USB connection (as well as to your computer), and that’s all.

What I like about Magic Feet is its design. It is nice to see that Mobee put some extra effort to design a product with Apple-specific aesthetics, since you will be keeping this charger in front on your iMac all the time. It also perfectly complements Apple’s input devices, so it seems like all these products came from a same company.

Magic Feet 3

Also, it is very easy to use this charging station. In order to charge Magic Mouse, you simply need to place it onto Magic Feet and induction from the job. A keyboard and a trackpad will need to be put into a bracket in order for charging to begin, which means that you’ll still be able to use them while they’re charging. Also, each device will show you a small LED light to tell you if the battery is full (green light) or if it needs recharging (red light). Also, it is worth mentioning that Mobee’s Magic Feet also acts like a 4-port USB hub, which is a very helpful addition.

According to Mobee, this device will recover the investment in a year for an average home user, or in a six month for an office user. However, I believe that its biggest function is keeping your input devices’ batteries always full, without having to worry about them.


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