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PROS: Interesting and attractive design. Comfortable to use. Strong backlit illumination.

CONS: It would’ve been nice if Luna’s design is a bit more Mac friendly in terms of colors and finishing touches. Comes with only one USB port (used to connect it with a Mac).

Luna 1The most popular keyboard for an Apple desktop computers is, as you would expect, Apple’s own keyboard. This is mainly because it already comes in packaging with some models, but it also the best designed and Mac-fitted keyboard out there. It also works flawlessly with Apple’s Magic Mouse or a Trackpad, giving you full control over your desktop with built-in and customizable gesture movements. But once in a while a new keyboard comes up, from some 3rd party manufacturer who is trying to beat Apple’s keyboard in terms of design and functionality.

Luna 2

I am always interested in trying out new input devices, because I simply spend too much time in front of my computer, mostly writing and doing some work using a professional-grade graphics and photo editors. This said, sometimes I do feel a stress on my fingers and joints while working on an Apple keyboard. We have recently reviewed one of Logitech easy switch keyboard, which we were very impressed with. However, today we’ve got another interesting keyboard, which comes from Moshi, which is mostly known for some very interesting and stylish iPhone and iPad accessories.

Moshi’s keyboard is called Luna keyboard, and this is USB low-profile desktop keyboard with illuminated keys. It costs roughly $100.

Luna 3

On a first look, the Luna keyboard is nicely and interestingly designed product, but it doesn’t follow some main points of Apple’s design philosophy, like most other Mac-made keyboards do. The Luna is thin and light, but it only comes in striking black color, with clear-cut lines and strong silhouette. Its main body is also surrounded by clear acrylic frame which is very visible in dark surrounding, since it casts white light toward all three sides. This surely looks very attractive and interesting, and gives comfortable rest space for your palms, even though this wasn’t enough space for my hands on the left and right side where I usually rest my hands between writing sentences. I guess this depends on how you use a keyboard and how big are your palms and fingers, so some people will find it very enjoyable, but I wasn’t one of them.

Luna 4

The Luna is very comfortable to use, in terms of mechanics beneath those keys. This is so called scissor switch keyboard, which automatically means that this is going to be very quiet keyboard, whose keys are easy to press and which come with shorter travel distance. This is not the same mechanism as the one found in Apple’s keyboard, which is a membrane type.

The Luna is USB keyboard and in order to use it with OS X all you need to do is to connect it via USB port. Any additional software or a driver isn’t required. As you would expect from any Mac-exclusive keyboard, it comes with OS X needed buttons and there are actually 109 of them. F-keys are separated from the number row, and they’ve got their OS X functions as well (display brightness, Mission Control, Expose, and Dashboard activation). You can use F5 and F6 to change Luna’s brightness level. This backlit illumination is quite strong and it illuminates not only symbols, but also the edge of keys.

Interesting thing is that the Luna comes with keys like print screen, scroll lock, and function lock, which are Windows-exclusive. This keyboard is primarily made for Macs, but this can be useful in case you run Windows as well, via BootCamp or some similar software.


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